• Walkietalkie

    Distress Signal

    Sept 2, 2018

    "Crap, Dallas back again guy. I have no clue what the hell just happened, Big Z came back from his exploration and all of a sudden, boom, a giant shadow was cast over the forest as far as the eye can see. The the Jersey Devil is back, and it is not pretty at all. I'm going to try my best, but the truth is I'm not holding my hopes too high. Our only hope left is finding the white stag which I'm sure now isn't on a contestant page. Even that may not be enough now though. I'm really sorry to everyone reading this. In the darkness with the beast, this might be the last one of these I can send out, I'm sorry if we failed you, I'm sorry to everyone who's passed already. I'm just... I'm sorry."

    End of Transmission 

    The Black Dog is gone and your final, 3 part encounter of the season is.! The Jersey Devil (Initial Attack)!

    You've met once again with the most famous beast in all of the Pines. Jersey Devil has attacked your camp, and his initial strike involves laying a great shadow over the land to cause confusion. In this round, all challenge winners, and the vote count will remain a secret (You will be notified if you win a challenge, but no one else will be). This means that the person who wins individual immunity CAN still receive votes, however any votes for them will NOT count.
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