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    For today’s reward Challenge, you guys will be competing in

    Fibbage, enough about you!

    In this challenge everyone will receive a statement about themselves with a blank portion to be filled in, and or a question about themselves. They will then provide their answer to the question/fill in the blank. At this time all other players will also see the question, and will write in their own answer trying to immitate what the main player for that question would say based on what you know about them. After this, all players will see the questions and both the real answer as well as all of the fake ones, and must try to guess which statement is the real one about the player. You will receive 50 points for each person to guess your answer correctly, and also will receive 25 points when you guys someone elses. You will also receive 25 points if your fake answer about someone else fools them.

    Your questions are as follows

    If Big Z were in a band, what would he name it?

    If Zach wrote an autobiography, what would it be titled?

    If Matt G could remove one trend from having ever existed, it would be ________

    What is a world record JP thinks he could break?

    What is something that isn't funny, but Chieko will always burst out laughing when it happens?

    You will have 20 hours to submit for the first part of this challenge, giving you until 6pm est tomorrow, Sept the 6th.

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