• Dead body

    Distress Signal
     Sept 5, 2018


    End of Transmission 

    Chris and Dallas have both passed away in the initial onslaught, as the sky clears of its darness you see see the Jersey Devil charge again, this round you must survive the Jerseys devils second part, the onslaught! This round effect is that for immunity you will be compete in 2 fake challenges and one real challenge! You will not know which are fake, and will submit for all 3. Whoever has the highest score in only the real challenge will receive immunity and guarantee themselves a spot in the final 4.

       Also, this round brings your very final White Stag clue of the game. Now cornered by the Jersey Devil in a small area, it is only worth looking for the white stag on the main wiki page of Singapore, you have no need go into any side pages such as buffs, tribes etc, all you need to find will be on that page.

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