• hello friends i left this too late so sorry if its rushed aw jeez

    Samm: Probably had the biggest impact on the game tbh. keep getting ur xan on friendo have fun at uni!!!! Gabby: I understand why you quit, the vibes on our tribe were kinda hostile. I urge you to try out another org eventually i'm sure you would do great! Josh: You managed to outlast Samm so thats pretty cool I guess. Johanan: You were unfortunate enough to go out in a double tribal. That must have hit hard hope you flourish in another org! (but dont send me any applications for your org plz thank) Lawrence: My rock in this game. You were somehow taken down one round before the merge and that truely is a travesty. The world didnt get to see your full potential. I know if you had lasted one more round you would be sitting here instead of me.

    Pory: Kinda sad you left so early in this game. You definitely would have left your mark had you stayed for atleast one more vote. Maybe in another game we will finally work together cohesively. Can't wait to main King K Rool and dunk on you.

    Erik: Hope you arent dead man. It would be ironic considering the orgs theme but yknow hope you are safe!!

    Josie Miller/Medha: Its extremely hard to get a read on you most of the time but you are hilarious as hell so seeing you go was a bummer.

    Tan/Harold: We barely spoke since your access to the internet was on and off all the time. The few times we did speak it was a pleasant experience and I'm glad you made merge.

    Joey: I was excited to finally get far in a game with you Joey!! I think your vote off is definitely my biggest mistake in this game and I'm glad you got to have your vengeance. May your ghost rest peacefully.

    Matt R.: Incredibly smart player, I think people caught onto you one vote too early and that was what killed your game. Considering the fact that you have barely played any orgs you definitely suprised me. Can't wait to see how you perform in the future!!

    Matt B.: Damn its Mr 7th. I know getting that placement again for the millionth time probably hella sucked but I do believe it was best for my game. I am glad we got to play together again even if our allegiance to each other only lasted a few votes. I think your ties to Matt R was the nail in your coffin. Thanks for playing meastman see ya on the flippity flip.

    Chris: Definitely had the best parchments in the game holy shit. I think once merge hit we never really stood a chance of working closely together at all. Any modicum of trust we had flew out the window after the first vote. You caused many stirs in this game thats for damn sure. Good luck in all your future endeavours my dude.

    Big Z: I double checked and we are TIED for outlasting each other in orgs, 3-3 so next one might be the decider if there ever is one. You were gonna win the shit out of this game and I have no clue how I survived last vote. evidence of a higher being? probably. Win SBBBAS and EMBB plz thank

    Sorry for the shortness of it all im an idiot for not doing it sooner cant wait to speak to you all after the game!! (especially you lawrence)

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