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    Congratulations to the four of you for making it this far. For the Final Immunity Challenge, you guys will be competing in...

    Pick Your Poison!

    All of you had the special task to choose your top 3 challenges from the season. Based on that, we have chosen a challenge from each of you, and the Final Immunity will contain all of them. The four challenges you have, as selected by yourself and your tribemates, are:

    (Barbie) Trivia!

    Chosen by Matt G., we will be revisiting the Golden Haired Girl for this challenge. However, due to using a lot of available Barbie trivia with this challenge previously, the theme will include New Jersey Cryptids, as well as just creepy things from throughout the USA. Message your hosting chat when you wish to begin this challenge.

    Standard Endurance

    Chosen by Jp, we will be revisiting the previous endurance challenge. For this one you may use your previous chat you made. However this time, we ask that you send "I am holding on to the idol". The time limit will now be 30 minutes between posts.

    Hold the Button!

    Chosen by Zach, we will once again be revisiting the previous challenge. Please be sure when submitting that your screenshot includes the date and time, or it will NOT be counted!


    Chosen by Chieko, we will be going all the way back to right after merge. As with before, you will be matching photos relating to the season, and the person with the lowest time will win.

    Scoring will work as follows: You will get 3 points for getting first in a challenge, 2 points for getting second, 1 point for getting third, and no points if you get last. We will then add the points for each portion, and the contestant with the most points will win immunity.

    Due to the nature of this challenge, everyone will have 72 hours to complete and submit for all four portions- meaning everything is due by 9:40PM on Friday the 14th.

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