• So hey guys it's Harold who y'all would expect to forget to make a jury speech here. Congrats and best of luck to all of you although you all were able to pathetically screw me up...... Anyways let's get straight into it!

    Chieko: Great work in your social game and somehow getting a spot into the F3. Your strategic game however seems to be lacking, convince me that you aren't a floater.

    JP: Great work in getting to the F3 with your strategic game.  The question is, what was your best move without Matt G involved?

    Zach: Great work in getting to the F3 too with the alliance you had. Your question is the same as JP's, what was your best move without Matt G involved?  Again the best of luck to y'all

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    • My best move without Matt G being involved at all?

      I would say its managing to force a tie at f5, I was 100% going home if I had just bought Zachs lie.

      Not being content with putting all my faith in the alliance of 3 with Zach and Matt G allowed me to offer a deal to Chieko where she would throw her vote on Big Z. Thus saving my life in this game.

      From my knowledge Matt G was convinced Zach was voting Big Z and did not anticipate his flip, I did and acted accordingly. Thanks for the question Harold sorry we didnt speak much in this game, our schedules never seemed to line up perfectly.

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    • That's a very difficult question, because all of the moves I made were either against Matt G or involved Matt G in some way. I guess my best move otherwise would be not coming off as a big threat because that's a huge reason why I'm sitting here right now. I guess it's your opinion if that's a good thing or a bad thing.

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    • Hello Harold!

      Great work in your social game and somehow getting a spot into the F3. Your strategic game however seems to be lacking, convince me that you aren't a floater.

      First of all, thank you for your words. Truthfully I do really believe that while I had a good social game and a decent physical perfomance, but on the bright side I sort of had a strategic side during on the merge. Here's some few of them I took against people to prevent certain stuff from happening:

      1. F5: My plan for this time was to vote Matt G out in case he doesn't win immunity, but it was later shot down seeming he won immunity already. I was told by Zach alongside with Big Z to vote out Jp because there wasn't another option if Matt won. At some point, I was okay with that, but once Jp came to me that he was exactly going to get voted out and if I didn't vote for him and voted for someone else, I was faced with a decision. As I voted for him before, at last minute I decided to change my vote to Zach (Big Z would have been an alternate option for saving Jp's fate on the game) to prevent he was going home by a 3-2 blindside. It did save Jp from being voted out, however...

      When the revote between Jp and Big Z happened, I was already voting for the latter option. Even if this revote wasn't the best option, I ended up taking out (and betraying) an OG Batsto as someone who was an original member from that tribe, which it wasn't the best option for me but this is what I had to go with.

      2. F4: Around when Jp won the Final Immunity Challenge, Matt G was the remaining person left who is seen as a potential jury threat due to his great physical perfomance and managed to run the game well. Before I had to make sure he wasn't going to win immunity- I told Jp to share a plan with the two of us against him at the FIC to not win some portions of the challenge, instead it could be one of us taking over a portion, thus preventing him to not win immunity. The plan, succeded. Without this happening, he could be already sitting in the Final Tribal Council and had won the challenge- Jp would be already placing in 4th place.

      When Matt G came to me, he wanted to force me to vote for Zach because he tought I was his only last hope to make the F3 with him, causing a revote, then a Tiebreaker Challenge against Zach to happen. However, I wasn't fond of his current plan because if he had beat him and I was on his side- He would be still here no matter what possible outcome will happen. Instead I wanted to bring here as the subject instead of Zach to participate against him and I had to make sure to convince Jp and Matt to vote for me as I would have a fair chance so Zach's chances doesn't get destroyed if he lost. This idea was shot down later because Jp was more comfortable voting Matt rather myself. I did shot down Matt's plan in time, making a move against him.

      Thank you for the question Harold, and no, I wasn't here just to screw you up. I came here to have a good time :)

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    • P.S: This is not even related to your speech but nice try Lawrence on putting me first voted out on his BrantSteele simulation of this season

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