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    First things first, Lexi, I’ll take back immunity.

    Once again, individual immunity is back up for grabs!

    For today’s challenge, you guys will be competing in…

    Lock and Stock!


    For this challenge, you guys will be editing the above image.

    You must draw a path from the start to the end, attempting to gather as high of a score as possible. Every square in your path will be added together.

    You cannot pass over the same square twice, and you cannot pass over the black squares.

    Before reaching the end, you must pass over both the Mill and the Mine. When you pass over them, your score at that moment will be cut in half.


    In the example above, the path from the start to the mill adds up to 50, which becomes 25. The path to the mine adds up to 98, which becomes 49. The path to the end adds up to 66, which would be the final score.

    The player that gathers the most points wins immunity and a guaranteed spot in the final five!

    As for the rest of you, you will attend Tribal Council where one of you will be voted out and sent to the jury.

    This challenge is due in 24 hours, meaning you must send in all your submissions by 12:00 AM EST tomorrow, on Wednesday the 24th.

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