• Sunset

    Welcome to Tribal Council, Xottne.


     We will now bring in the members of the jury.


     Olac, Sam, Odd, Anita, and Adam voted out at the last Tribal Council.

    Lexi, congrats on winning immunity! Do you feel like you needed it tonight?

    Bryce, now that Adam is gone, do you feel like there is a clear target among the tribe or is it more complicated?

    Kevin, what is the proper way to cook an egg?

    Vi, what do you base your vote on tonight?

    Tifennie, now that you're so close to the end, how do you ensure that you make it to Final Tribal Council?


    We ask that you all submit your votes on this piece of parchment.


    Votes are due to your confessionals by 8:30 PM EST tomorrow, on October the 30th. If you fail to vote by the deadline, it will count as a self-vote.

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