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    First things first, Lexi, I’ll take back immunity.

    Once again, individual immunity is back up for grabs!

    For today’s challenge, you guys will be competing in…

    No Khan Do!

    For this challenge, you will be counting up baubles in a grid, like the one below.


    You will be using the baubles to solve a math problem, which will be sent alongside the grid.


    This problem would become 1+2+4-2+2-2+3, which would equal 8. Once you send the correct answer to your confessional chat, you will be finished.

    The player that solves the problem the quickest wins immunity and a guaranteed spot in the final three, where you will attend Final Tribal Council and make your pitch on why you deserve to win this game!

    As for the rest of you, you will attend Tribal Council where one of you will be voted out and become the seventh and final member of the jury.

    This challenge is due in 24 hours, meaning you must send in all your submissions by 10:30 PM EST tomorrow, on Wednesday the 31st. However, as this is Final Immunity, and tomorrow is Halloween, we will be generous if an extension is needed.

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