• Congratulations final three, you did what the rest of couldn't, you made it to the end.

    However, you didn't really do anything else.

    I'm really underwhelmed and honestly a little disappointed with how this endgame turned out, seems like we managed to get the three most boring people in the final 8 all the way to the final 3. Thanks a lot, Bryce.

    Let's save the worst for first, Tifennie. You were so abrasive and obnoxious after the merge that I made an active effort not to talk to you, because I just could not stand to, and I knew that even if I tried to make friends with you, you were too closeminded and lacking in common sense to do the same for me. I'm not giving you my vote. I've got no question for you.

    Lexi, as much as I like you, your game and all the decisions you made just seemed like erratic, spur-of-the-moment mistakes that really didn't end up helping you at all. Now that I'm on the jury, I can fully disclose to you: I was planning on flipping at the final 7 if Tifennie had gone then. But your outburst in the tribe chat completely turned me away from working with you whatsoever. I really did want to go far with you. I was going to try to take out Adam soon after that, and I would have loved to go to the end with you before that. But since you tried to call me out in the tribe chat, obviously I had to defend myself in front of my allies and say that I wasn't flipping. Basically, you played yourself. Another instance of you playing yourself was adressed right in your speech: we were going to vote out Sam, but then you got cold feet about the numbers and flipped the vote onto Logan. Then you complained about Sam not talking to you at the merge. Which was exactly what I had been trying to warn you about before you sent Logan home. Gee, that worked out great for you didn't it? You were one rock draw away from going home there. You and Tifennie are only here due to dumb luck, but you seemed to have glazed over that in your speech quite a bit. You also were not the one to convinced Bryce to flip-- he had decided that on his own, and then came to you asking who he needed to vote for. Your speech is nice and pretty with the pink text and the fancy font but that doesn't cover up the wild inaccuracies in it. Considering that my whole game was being played to get revenge for Logan after he was voted out, I don't see why I should vote for someone to win who voted him out. So, my question to you is: Why should I vote for someone who's still delusional that they actually made more than a couple moves in the game, and why should I vote for that person when the moves were always complete blunders, that only the luck of a rock draw could save you from?

    Vi, the bitter side of me wants to vote for you so bad. But the fact of the matter is, you didn't do anything. Like, ever. Winning that final immunity was impressive, but mostly because I didn't know you cared that much about the game to try. You're really sweet, but you barely ever talked to me or anyone, and when you did, it seemed like you didn't really want to be talking to anyone. You were so isolated and uninterested in interaction that literally nobody told you about the Jesper vote. The easiest vote of the entire season, save maybe when we voted out Sam. While I applaud your ability to not majorly fuck up since then like the other two people sitting next to you did, that was only because you didn't take any risks whatsoever, and didn't do anything other than follow along with what everyone else told you to do. What I'm saying is; at least Lexi tried. Again, I like you a lot as a person, but I can't respect the game you played as a contestant. So, prove me wrong! My question is: What did you to to help yourself get here to the end, and why should I respect what you did more than what Lexi did.

    In conclusion, thank you, Lexi, Vi, for treating me like a person more than most other people did in the game. My vote is up in the air right now, so Vi, please act like you want to be answering me question, and Lexi, don't blow up at me after I'm trying to give you a chance. Thanks for the fun times, everyone.

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    • Hey Anita! I'd like to clear some stuff up that kind of is related to your question!

      So I don't feel that my decisions were erratic nor spur-of-the-moment. Most everything I did, I discussed privately before acting on it. For example, before our exchange in the tribe chat I mentioned to Kevin that I was doing it. I also don't feel I played myself by calling you out in the tribe chat. I knew it was possible that you would flip at F7, however Tifennie was probably who I felt closest to. So if my options were to wait until my closest ally was voted out for you to flip, or try to save my closest ally- that's what I was going to do.

      Additionally, I do believe keeping Sam during the swap tribal was the right thing to do. Yes, he may not have talked to us at merge, but it also made him an easy target for you guys to vote, effectively letting myself, Kevin, and Tifennie survive another round without being in danger. It also wasn't that I got cold feet. I wasn't around when people decided Sam, and as soon as I heard it was him I brought up that it didn't make sense to vote him and put our OG tribe in the minority at merge. I knew it was risky to draw rocks- but going home to a rock seemed a much better option than sitting around waiting to get picked off or for you guys to decide you were ready to make a move.

      Also, I know it was Bryce's decision to flip- but he didn't say that he hated his original tribe and that's why he "wasn't as active" until I mentioned that's what you said about him in the tribe chat. And he didn't ask just who to vote- we discussed it together, as well as in the alliance chat that was created.

      So to put it simply- you should vote for me because every decision I made I had thought about before making it. I wasn't just flailing around aimlessly. Whatever I did, I had a clear mindset of what I wanted to happen, and knew what risks that could bring. I knew calling you out would make you not willing to work with us, but it also could get someone to flip before you would have and save my closest ally. I knew drawing a rock would be risky, but it also could turn the whole game in my favor. My moves may not have been as big and flashy, such as flipping like Bryce, but I do believe that I had moves which DID work how I wanted them to. That may be due to dumb luck, but all the same- sometimes that's how it ends up being.

      If I didn't answer your question fully or you have any follow-up questions or comments feel free to let me know! :) (Also I hope you don't take this as blowing up, I'm just trying to answer your question as completely as I possibly can) :)

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