• What a boring season. Not because of the hosts, but the only notable move was me flipping. And let me be clear Lexi, it was my move and I was going to do it before the fight - I just happened to go to you afterward. The fight had nothing to do with it. You had nothing to do with it. Moving on.


    There's not much to say, and your short Opening Speech reflects that. My favorite thing about you is your bad attitude but unfortunately, that's the only thing I know about you. I do respect you some though since you were brave enough to tell me you weren't sure where the votes were instead of being a coward like Kevin and Lexi.


    The basis I have to go on in this vote is what happened from the time I saw you, and that was the merge. Since then, I don't think you really did anything. Sure you were apart of the discussions on who to send out (since apparently, that's a reason to vote for you???) but to me that's nothing. You didn't try hard enough to flip the game by yourself and you had to wait for me to come to YOU. Like I said above, you had nothing to do with why I came to you. So once everything flips, we just sat there with a pecking order until final 4 where Vi wins immunity and you have to do a fire making to stay in the game. I don't think that's a gameplay worthy to be the winner. 

    You potentially lost your vote from me when you decided to ignore me when I left. I knew I was leaving the very second I lost immunity because I wasn't even going to try since I wanted to go. The only reason why I messaged the pebbles chat was to see who would own up to it. You didn't and you cowered away so much that you wouldn't even open my private messages but would read the tribe chat. I don't respect that.


    I don't think you played a good game, I think it was just luck. You have an underdog story and that's your ticket going into this final tribal council. From the very start, you were on the outs since the other people from our tribe were all aligned with the exception of you and the people we voted out. You got lucky with the tribe swap and it was just tribe vs tribe and then at the merge, you skated by because of the other people being bigger players. The first time I tried to speak to you was so rough. You didn't ask me anything back they were just replies that couldn't continue a conversation so I immediately stopped talking to you because I wasn't about to carry the conversation on. We did, however, have a good chat once in the main tribe chat that I liked. 

    My problem with you is you have a good underdog story but it was just luck. You didn't do anything to create that story, it just fell into place because of everyone else. As of now, you're my front runner but that could easily change by the time I vote.

    To Everyone:

    Try this final tribal council and you could win because while there may seem to be a front-runner, there's not.

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    • Hey Bryce! I know that you didn't really ask a question but I would still like to respond.

      So I apologize, as I had no idea that you intended on flipping regardless, as far as I knew you were just going to continue following Adam and Anita and them until I had spoken in the tribe chat- as that's how you made it seem in PMs with me.

      I also apologize for not responding to you, I was at work and was waiting to have a moment to actually be able to respond to you before opening your message, as I feel being left on read feels worse than not having the message opened at all. Unfortunately we were really busy at work and my manager was over my shoulder the whole time, I had the time to send one message from the bathroom to someone, I think Tif maybe? asking if we were still good on you- and then once to message my chat to say I was voting you. I like to try to tell people if I'm voting them, if I feel that's something they would want- since Anita made it clear earlier that she doesn't like that and would rather have false hope. I feel bad for not being able to let you know ahead of time, and that was something I was going to say in my Rites of Passage that we were robbed of doing.

      Eek I posted too early. Anyways, thank you for the speech- and thank you for being open with me, especially since I was not able to do the same for you.

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