• Hello finalists! This is super late, but who cares! I am lazy and like to procrastinate!

    Thank you guys for making this season very fun and very stressful! I’m going to try and not going to bash anyone’s games and I’m not even sure if I’m going to ask questions because honestly I can’t think of any! So, yea, here we go

    Tifennie - Hey girl. You were my #1 ally pretty much the entire game after Olac left mainly cause I knew I could trust you and I knew you’d never cross me. Even though you really don’t understand the game, I’m still proud of you for making it to the final 3! Also, thank you for voting Lexi and forcing to fire-making, even if I did completely flop.

    Lexi - I always knew it’d come down to me vs you in the final 4, but I always saw myself being the one to beat you, but I guess I’m just a hypocritical and delusional asshole just like Adam always says! Also, sorry if you don’t win because of some bitter people, you really should win. I already told you I was giving you my vote if I went, so I’m going to honor that!

    Vi - We never really talked, which is more my fault than anything. I respect your decision to stick with the girls heavy final 4, even if it didn’t completely benefit me, it does nothing but show how loyal you were to the people you were with, and that is a good thing. You really do have quite the story arc too, pretty much the person with nobody in this game to making it to final 3 and having a shot at winning. That truly is something. Congrats girlie.

    I don’t really know what else to say, honestly. I kinda typed this up last minute because Jake was bothering me.

    Oh, I will leave you with these questions though:

    1. Can I get a mean YEEHAW?

    2. How do I cook an egg?
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    • Hey Kevin! Thank you so much for your kind words <3

      To answer your questions, I am not mean so I cannot give you a 'mean' yeehaw, but I can give you a 'nice' yeehaw I suppose. And secondly, just... don't do what you did before LOL :)

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    • i can try to give u a mean yeehaw , and ummm i duno :3

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    • A FANDOM user
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