• So let me start off by saying thank you to all of you for an awesome season. After I came out of retirement for Kingdoms Collide I wasn't sure I was going to stick around. But y'all have made this such an exciting, fun, NERVE RACKING game. So┬álet's get to some specifics (for those of you that I know):


    Mikol, okay straight up don't know you. No one has even said your name. Hopefully we can play another game sometime and I can learn literally anything about you...good talk.


    Vincent, so in this game we didn't talk but we've played other games. I would have loved to have had a chance to play with you in this game but things didn't work out that way. Wish you had a better starting tribe.


    Josh, I don't know anything about you other than you supposedly had an idol. I guess you're a good player? But honestly that means I'm glad you went home because this merge was already tough enough. Peace.


    Basty, you're the first player on here I really got to play. You're a nut job and I still don;t even know if would have worked well together. But I'm sorry we got robbed of the opportunity.


    DB, you're a star...or...I awesome possum? You know how I feel about you. I've known you forever. It's been literally over 4 years since we played in an ORG together I wish we had more of a chance to work together like we've always wanted to...or at least you could have made the jury to help me win a damn ORG for once. But seriously you're my dude! And I'm really glad we got to reconnect over the game.


    Jared, I hear you are a spaz and over played. I didn't see it. On Nanuq we got along great and I was really shocked when you got sent home. You were my original #1 and everyone watching this season was ROBBED of The California Gays Alliance.


    Aleks, I know this season was rough for you. But I had a great time getting to know you. I'm sorry you got voted out so soon. I really wanted to keep you around longer but when Mat won immunity it really sealed the deal for you. Amarok was just way to big of a threat as a group and it sucks that you took the bullet for them. I wish us Quiltbags could have stuck together longer and I wish you the best.


    Dawn, I tbh don't know if I should make this a long ROP or just save it all for when you chew me out when i come to Ponderosa or make FTC. I thought we were friends but it really blew up between us. You just starting scrambling so much I got spooked and you were coming for my closest allies. I wanted to work with I hope we can mend whatever friendship I thought we had and I hope no matter how these next few days play out I hope we can talk and fix everything because I really did have a great time getting to know you.


    Mat...I literally don't know this whole game you and I did not say a single word to each other. Our chat is EMPTY. And I know that's partially on me but I went into the merge with 8 friends and you seemed cool with not talking. Idk what else to say...


    Brian, you were hands down the toughest vote for me. You're one of the people I connected most with out here because we are straight up twins separated at birth. I know you had my back and I tried so hard to have yours but honestly I needed to reconnect with Anna in order to save my game and the only way to do that was to vote you out because "you were such a huge threat to win." Most challenging vote this season 100% and I'm sorry I had to write your name down. I hope we get the chance to really play together again.


    Rob, you're a cool dude. You kind of checked out there at the end and gave up a little I'm sorry I had to come after you at F6 but getting the target on to you was the only way that I could possibly keep Luke safe for another round and honestly I chose him over you. Hope there are no hard feelings and I'm glad you didn't frostbite out.


    Luke, we really bonded a lot this season and tbh it was all over nothing. We really just get on well I think. I have to be honest I did know you were getting voted out but I just couldn't bring myself to write your name down when I promised you I wouldn't. I really do think you were a threat to win this game and I hope you're proud of that in such a competitive season.

    Again all of y'all are amazing and I look forward to finishing out this game with all of you watching along scrutinizing us Final 4.

    Much love, Sharky

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