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    Here are the questions and answers in order

    Question 1: How many votes did Mateusz receive this season in total?

    Daulton answered first with 11 and was correct. 1-0 Daulton.

    Question 2: How many total challenges, including tribe challenges, did Brian win this season?

    Daulton answered first with 4 and was incorrect. The answer we were looking for is 8. 1-1.

    Question 3: How many post-merge challenges were there?

    Daulton answered first with 13 and was incorrect. The answer was 12. 2-1 Annabelle.

    Question 4: Name the two castaways that were on 3 tribes this season (not including merge).

    Daulton answered first with Jason and Rob which was correct. 2-2.

    Question 5: How many challenges did Kajuit win in total?

    Daulton answered first with 9 which was correct. 3-2 Daulton.

    Question 6: How many tie votes occurred this season?

    Daulton answered first with 3 which was correct (it included this round). 4-2 Daulton.

    Question 7: Branching off of the last question, name the castaways who were voted out at said tie votes.

    Daulton answered first with Jared and Rob, which was correct. 5-2 Daulton. If he gets one more point, he wins.

    Question 8: Who were the only castaways to win a post-merge reward challenge?

    Daulton answered first with Annabelle, Sharky, Brian, Mat and Luke. This was incorrect, as we were looking for just the first three in that list. 5-3 Daulton.

    Question 9: On what day did the "Brain Games" challenge occur?

    Annabelle answered first with 17, which was correct. 5-4 Daulton.

    Question 10: What is the EXACT location that this season fictionally takes place in?

    Annabelle answered first with Baffin Island, Nunavut, Canada. This was correct, meaning it was 5-5. So, we went to the tiebreaker's tiebreaker.

    The question was: In the challenge Toss Up, what is the combined total of everyone's final times, IN SECONDS?

    The answer was 2048.

    Annabelle said 150.

    Daulton said 143. MEANING...


    Annabelle wins the tiebreaker!!!

    Daulton, after 38 intense days, your journey ends here. I need you to bring me your torch.

    Daulton, the tribe has spoken.



    Time for you to go.

    Well, congratulations Final Three. You have made it to Day 39, the farthest point you have made in this game. You only have one obstacle left now: the jury. They will decide who will be the winner of this season. You will have some time to think about this moment before we begin.

    Grab your stuff and head on out. We'll see you tomorrow.

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