• Hello, before I start my speech I'd just like to thank the hosts for a great game, this was really quite fun to play and I mostly enjoyed my time in the game. Also, a thanks to my fellow competitors for always keeping me on my toes, I love when a game isn't clear cut and you guys made it anything BUT clear cut. 

    Now, final three, congratulations on doing what the rest of us couldn't do and making it to the Final Tribal Council. Regardless of how you got there all three of you did and deserve to be there so good job! Now.. 

    ANNA - Hello queen! I can say from reading your Jury Speech that I definitely underestimated your game, you did a great job at kind of appearing to play the middle for the beginning of the merge but then firmly choosing your side and sticking to it. I applaud you for your loyalty the people you were with and I can't fault that! Being viewed as a duo with Jason but still making it to FTC with him is also amazing so good job. I regret not talking with you as much as I talked to others and I'm very sorry about that because you are such a lovely person and the conversations we did have we amazing. Understandably so, this makes it difficult for me to consider voting for you because we just didn't bond that well but my vote isn't set in stone! My question to you is: can you compare your game to the game of an IRL Survivor player? Who would it be and why do you think you played similar to them. If you can compare yourself to somebody that played Survivor then it'd help me understand your game a little bit more and I'd appreciate it. Thanks Anna! 

    JASON - Hey Jason! First of all I just want to thank you for like...genuinely taking the time every single day to message me and try and engage in conversation with me. Even thought it was clear that we were on opposite sides you still reached out to me (sometimes more than me "allies" did) and I really, really appreciate that. Now, you're a phenomenal social player and I definitely think the social standpoint of this game is your strong point. You take the time to get to know people and even though sometimes you can come across as a little defensive (for example at the potential rocks vote at F6), it's understandable and we ALL would have done that. When voting for a winner, I do like to look at the players that fully encompassed the "social, strength, strategic" layers of this game. I know that you have the social category on lock so my question to you is: Can you give me examples of you encompassing both the strength and strategic categories? That's all. Thanks Jason! 

    SHARKY - Sharky, you were undoubtedly my closest ally in this game from the second we met. Even though our conversations weren't very long or in depth, I'd say we vibed pretty well, have a similar mindset and overall just enjoy this game and I think that's why I gravitated towards you the most in this game. Throughout the game I kind of got inklings and little tops of information that made me realise that you weren't into the idea of us being each other's number ones as I was (I think it's clear Daulton was your number one), and this is where I start to struggle. I definitely would never have written your name down, I definitely would have done everything I could to protect you and...towards the end of the game I kind of felt like you just couldn't really be bothered trying to engage with me anymore and that you were just like "yeah I'll use Luke until I can't use him no more". During my last round in the game you knew that I was going home but didn't tell me. I think I would have appreciated you saying "hey man, it's been a good run but I think you're going home" rather than throwing me a pity vote. I would have preferred you told me and then wrote my name down over not telling me and not writing my name down. I had told you about the little "argument" I'd had with Jason about how he was speaking to me as if I was already out...that would have been the perfect opportunity to mention it but you didn't. I don't know, that kind of irked but it's done and it can't be changed. This isn't me like comign at you by the way, just me expressing my thoughts and feelings so if you want to shed some light on it then feel free! My question to you: What was your biggest mistake in this game and how did it impact your path to the end? That's it, thanks Sharky, you're a great guy and I really do adore you despite what this speech might make it sound like lmfao. 


    And that's IT, the last thing I'll say is um.... I was robbed hehe. Love y'all! 

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    • Hey Luke! 

      I had a great time getting to know you! It was such a pleasure to play with you again after Big Brother! And thank you for all of the compliments! I know that I was definitely a little bit defensive at that time, and I apologize. I really felt bad about that and the conversations we had leading up to your boot. I regret being so defensive, it was just that I NEVER expected Daulton to destroy his own plan, and I should've kept my cool a little bit better. 

      As for you question, I definitely will admit that I'm not a super physically strong player. I never won an individual challenge, but I did do well pre-merge! I tied for best score on my tribe in the Endless Lake reward challenge at F15, and I did pretty well in Flappy Bird as well. However, like I said earlier, I do not consider myself a good player physically, so it's hard for me to come up with examples of how I excelled physically, because I really didn't. But for my strategic game, I think i was a lot stronger than my physical game. Because of the situation I was put in, I had to play the game from the first round. I lost the first 4 immunity challenges, so I was forced to play hard from the beginning. I targeted Mikol at the first tribal to not only save my own ass, but to get him out because he didn't own a computer, and as someone who's played several orgs, I know you need a computer. At that time, I obviously didn't know I would be going right back to tribal, but I made the move in order to prevent my tribe from going back to tribal. My second big strategic move was voting Vincent out. I knew that Vincent would evolve into a threat because of his social skills, but I had to keep Anna in order to ensure that I would keep someone I trusted 100%. I made other strategic moves when taking out Josh, who I was told was creating an alliance that excluded me, which forced me to make the strategic decision to take him out before he struck me first. I also made another strategic move when I attempted to vote Brian out. In my eyes, Brian was the biggest threat at that time, and since I had a good social bond with him, I knew he wouldn't see it coming. Later, when your boot came around, I attempted to vote you out because I knew that you were a triple threat. Socially, you were chill with the jury, and I knew that you could potentially have a few votes lined up. I knew that you were a good physical player who could very easily win his way to the end. I then knew that you had played a good strategic game by playing UTR, therefore I had to vote you out given all of the reasons stated above. All of these moves showcase how I used strategy to further myself in the game. I called shots, but I also layed back at some parts. That was my strategy. I knew I was in a good position where I could just lay low, and then strike when nobody expected it, (which is what I did to Brian). 

      I hope all of this answers your question, and I apologize for it being a bit long :P 

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    • First of all let me say I have no hard feelings about you guys asking me hard qustions. I betrayed a lot of you to get here and I know I have to answer for that. The thing is Daulton was my absolute #1. You know that. We talked about that. But I wanted that F4 to have you and Anna in it. Because I really loved all 3 of you. Now in reference to falling off towards the end I think that was just me with everyone. And maybe Daulton or other jurors can vouch but from a few days before Christmas on I just wasn't very active or talkative with anybody and that was poor on my part but it definitely at no point was me feeling like I couldn't be bothered so please know that. Not telling you was definitely a really poor choice on my part I just honestly lost a little bit of my fight and after 4 back to back votes of scrambling I just thought that would be the easiest way to go about it. I was wrong. And it was sucky of me to not try harder to save you or to even tell you the truth. I just didn't want you to go but knew you had to and wanted to avoid the scrambling. It was the wrong move. So for that I really am sorry. Now for your actual question I guess haha. So the way i handled F5 was a huge mistake but I think I already explained that so I'll use my other huge mistake. Which honestly was the Brian vote. As i've explained in my othe answers that where me playing the middle came to a head. Ultimately I chose to side with the wrong people. And now choosing to eliminate Brian did allow me to go on an unanswered immunity run. But it also meant i got stuck with an inseparable duo for the rest of this game which in a lot of ways changed how I had to play my endgame which now that I'm hearing the jury questions I'm realizing may not have been the best course of action. So yeah to sum it all up: you weren't a burden and I really did want to work with you, I shouldn't have lied to you about your vote it was the lazy way out and I'm sorry for that, and my biggest mistake was voting out Brian because if I hadn't I would have a lot less betrayed friends on this jury who I hurt. I hope that answers everything and I hope that you can look over our hiccups and see that I tried my hardest to play a good game and I hope that earns me your vote.

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    • OK so It took me a long time to look at stuff and think about this question and Sharky made the suggestion that I use Michele Fitzgerald from Koah Rong and I guess i'm going to go with that but I have a better big brother comparison I can use if you watch big brother. To my understanding Michele played a really good social game and managed to win. AHH I wish I watched survivor so that I could talk about this better however in terms of like big brother I think I played close to Nicole Franzel. I guess sort of like how she played in big brother 18 but more like how she played in bb16 if she had managed to somehow defy the odds and make it to the end. I think in big brother 16 she allied closely with Derrick for a good part of the game but she also wasn't dumb and knew he was a huge threat which is partly why she left. She also was really close with christine for a good chunk of that game which could be sort of similar to my relationship with Dawn. Hopefully that helps explain it a bit and hopefully you watch big brother so you understand my comparison and i'm sorry that i don't watch survivor D:

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