• Tally

    If anyone has a hidden immunity idol and would like to play it, now is the time to do so.




    No one stands.


    First vote...



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    Matt. That's 1 vote Johnny, 1 vote Matt.

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    Hunter. That's 1 vote Johnny,1 vote Matt, 1 vote Hunter.

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    RJ. That's 1 vote each for Johnny, Matt, Hunter and RJ.

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    Chris. That's one vote apiece for Johnny, Matt, Hunter, RJ and Chris.

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    Matt. That's 2 votes Matt, 1 vote for Johnny, Hunter, RJ and Chris.


    Chris. That's 2 votes for Matt and Chris, 1 vote for Johnny, Hunter and RJ.


    RJ. 2 votes RJ, Matt and Chris, 1 vote for Johnny and Hunter.


    Matt. That's 3 votes Matt, 2 votes Chris and RJ, 1 vote Johnny and Hunter.


    RJ. That's 3 votes Matt, 3 votes RJ, 2 votes Chris, 1 vote Johnny and Hunter, one vote left.

    6th person voted out of Survivor: Russia...

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    RJ. That's 4 votes, and tonight, that's enough. You need to bring me your torch.


    RJ, the tribe has spoken.


    Wow, what an eventful tribal. This proves that without teams, majority votes aren't as easy. Congrats, you're the final 10, you're all considered part of jury now. Head back to camp.

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