• Tally

    If anyone has a hidden immunity idol and they would like to play it, now would be the time to do so.

    Toby stands

    Japan Idol

    'Horyu-Ji has had a pretty good ride, and I'm thankful for it. But we've had such a good ride for such a long time, that it just seems a ripe old shade for it to end so soon. Thankfully I found this little guy all lonely at camp, and I'll be playing it on Chriskeisha Blueu Spak, to keep the fire alive a little bit longer. Strap in everybody, because I ain't going down without one HELL of a fight.'


    The rules of Survivor state that if a Hidden Immunity Idol is played, any votes cast for the person it is played for will not count and the person with the next highest number of votes will be sent home. This is a Hidden Immunity Idol, any votes for Chris will not count.

    Toby stands back up

    And one more for luck...


    Toby has played his double vote. As a result, he will be voting twice, and there will be six votes tonight.


    First vote...


    Chris, does not count.


    Chris, does not count.


    Chris, does not count.

    Three votes are left.



    Fourteenth person voted out of Survivor: Japan - The Lotus Era and the fifth member of the jury...


    Charley. That's two, tonight, that's enough, gotta bring me your torch.


    Charley, the tribe has spoken.


    Congratulations on reaching the final four of this game. Only a few days are left. Let's see how it ends.

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