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    It is Final 3, and it is time to pay respect to the 17 people who have fallen to get you to this spot.



































    You will all make a new thread entitled ______'s Rites of Passage, and have 24 hours to make your ROPs, finally before we can get to you Final Immunity Challenge.
    These are due at 4:00 PM EST on the 28th of March. Good luck.

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    • Sorry, Wikia is being weird and won't let me post a new thread;

      ADAM: Aahh, I wish that Kyodan hadn't lost the first immunity challenge, but that vote was just a massive scramble of I-Don't-Want-To-Be-Last, and you just got left out. It was amazing getting to meet you, and I really enjoyed the time we spent together, however brief it ended up being.

      JJ: I didn't really get to meet you at all, but I've heard you made a pretty big impact on your tribe!

      MATTHEW: Again, same thing. I believe you were Baboy? That confused me to a CONSIDERABLE extent lmao. But I'm sure it's merely evidence of how #ICONIC you were <3.

      TOM: I wish things didn't turn out this way, but there was honestly no real alternative. You're a big challenge threat and strategic one, and you ended up in the wrong alliance. The game can be cruel like that, and I'll never forget the energy you brought to Namiyoke.

      ANDY: Once again, I realise how few people I got to meet premerge this game, but at least I've gotten to get to know you elsewhere!! Such a shame that I didn't get to meet up with you this time around, but I guess that's just how the game goes.

      JAY: Jayy! I really truly liked you and enjoyed getting to know you on Namiyoke, you just sealed your fate when you voted with Tom. You were a super strong competitor, and if you hadn't have been screwed over by the ridiculously fast alliance building on that tribe, I think you'd have done very very well.

      ESTEFANA: Smh, I can't BELIEVE you, Shannon, and I were robbed of our Cyprus Fans reunion, but by all accounts you still played one hell of a game, most certainly leaving no wigs left behind. Keep slaying <3

      LINUS: Finally getting to actually meet you was an interesting experience, because you are basically the opposite person of your out-of-game 'persona', and getting to meet you and ally with you was a great opportunity that I was really happy to be involved in. It's such a shame that the second swap ended up screwing you over, but I think you'd have cost me my immunity run if you'd made it, so can't claim to be too disappointed!

      GEORGE: Georgie!! My football buddy! I was soo excited to see you again on Kyodan II, especially given how close we became on Kyodan I, but we couldn't do it for much longer. You were a huge impact on my game, and an honestly great person that I'm very glad to have been able to meet.

      TYLER: You surprised me Tyler. At first I thought you were inactive, then we had a little fight, and then I got to know you properly and see how frustrated you were with this game, and how it had turned out. And boy do I fear you there. Voting you the first time was very easy. Voting you the second time was far, far harder. And in my book, that's the mark of a good player.

      AUSTIN: One of my very first friends on the ORG, I was super excited to have the opportunity to play with you again, and, although I was reminded of what made you and I such fast friends initially, it was also sad in a way that you weren't really able to play this game. I fully understand and respect why you quit, and, if you excuse me being a touch whiny, it started a streak of poor luck in the early merge for me. But in all honesty, one of the biggest what-ifs of this game for me is what if you'd been fully committed to it, and I suspect you'd have taken it by storm, quite possibly at my detriment.

      FELIX: Daddy Felix!! I was gutted when you went, and even though it was arguably helpful for my game, it was a hugely shocking moment for me, and one that spurred me to never let up playing the game since then. You're honestly such a great person, and I've really missed having you around this game.

      CATHERINE: Cat!! I'm soo happy to have finally met you, because you and I ended up getting along really well, even though I was totally THE WORST about replying to you… Like you were such a great social player and a huge UTR threat, and I was devastated when you got SuperIdoled out. You honestly would probably be here instead of me otherwise, but you'd have thoroughly deserved it in that circumstance!

      EMMA: You're truly such a nice, sweet, and genuine person that was such a great little cloud of lightness in an otherwise…tense…camp. Once again a potential ally was forced to quit, due to things entirely out of their control, and for which they are completely blameless, but I feel blessed to have been able to meet you, and hopefully get to know you even better in future.

      ALLISON: You are quite probably one of the worst people I have ever met, but you're also completely hilarious and lovely. I am too one of the worst people I have ever met, so without a doubt we definitely deserve each other<3. I do have to say sorry for your elimination, because it was entirely our fault that you went, due to an idiotic miscalculation. Many apologies, and I can't wait to keep talking to you in future <3

      CHARLEY: To be quite honest, you are simply such a great person, and we have so much in common that I'm shocked we'd never gotten to know each other before this. Voting for you was a difficult thing to do, but you'd have swept us all at the end, and looked glamorous doing it! BTW, I'm holding you to the Six Feet Under promise *eyes*

      EDDIE: Considering I voted for you four times, you probably already know how much I understood that you'd played a fearless game that demanded and deserved respect, so you don't need any more convincing from me. Sure, we ended up on opposite sides of the game, but I don't take any of it outside of said game and hope you don't either.

      Much love to everyone, and I'll see the jurors at FTC, whether as one of you, or on the other side…

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