• Adam: Adam unfortunately I don't have anything to say about you because I was never on a tribe w/ you!! The only thing I actually remember about you was some1 on the cast reveal post in like the main Canadienne ORG group on facebook said "OMG YALL GOT ADAM!?!?!?" so go you for having fans!!

    JJ: JJ you got voted out because of your lack of effort in the challenges and lack of bonding w/ everyone else on the tribe sadly!! I'm glad to know tho this wasn't the only ORG you were in at the time and hopefully you had a better game in the other ones you were in!!

    Matthew: Sadly Matthew you're another one I don't know anything about, I'm pretty sure you were the vote where the baboy votes were made and idk what that is but it's been talked about a lot so good job on leaving a lasting impact on the game thru whatever baboy is!

    Tom: Sadly for me I was exiled the round you left and didn't get to vote for you like every1 else did, but ya you're a good player you just overplay a lot and I wasn't a fan of the jokes you were making about Austin's mom as he was offended by them but um thanks for playing I guess and I wish you luck in your future endeavors!

    Andy: These sneaky lil snakes cut you before I could scoop you up and play with you which made me V sad!!!!! I'm glad you weren't first boot though in another Survivor I was involved in and I'm glad I at least got to play in 703 TAR with you for a bit and I hope to see you play in more games soon. Love ya! < 3

    Jay: We rly never talked Jay and you left because you weren't included in the core of that tribe and were aligned with Tom, but I will thank you for the work you did on the scavenger hunt challenge for us and all of the challs, you were rly strong in them and I appreciate you and the work you put into them that won us a few challenges! You def fell victim to circumstance and hopefully if there's a second chance season you can try again.

    Estefana: My GIRL UGH these people cut you I was so upset seeing you get voted off especially because we connected in the beginning and I only got to play with you for like a week :( I was hoping we could reconnect at a merge but sadly we didn't. Thank you SO much for sending me to the gardens that round because with that idol I was able to play a bit harder and fearlessly knowing I had something to fall back on for such a long time, I'm sorry it was wasted but had Emma not quit it wouldnt have been!! Ilysm and I hope you're proud. < 3

    Linus: You are a fucking pink haired ratty b-i-t-c-h! You were a shady mother fucker that I didn't trust until your last few days in the game, and for good reason. You would run your damn mouth too much talking game with people, you were a paranoid mess and even though you voted with me against Tom, I'm not gonna lie I was happy you were the one voted out because 100% you would've unfortunately won this game, and even though I have no shot at winning I'm happy your ass is sitting in the VL where you belong.

    BUT SERIOUSLY, you were swap fucked which is unfortunate because I wanted to play with you this game!!!!!! Have fun hosting the bitches in greenland!

    George: Ma georgie peach!! I loved your commitment to the game, I loved that you WANTED to play the game, I loved that you ENJOYED playing the game and that you cared about it so much. I'm sorry you were voted out when you were, split votes happen and had Tyler not had the idol who knows you could be where I am now because easily you would've won your way here. Keep being you and ty for being so nice. < 3

    Tyler: You got my heart racing when you pulled out that damn idol because I thought 1000000% I was gonna be the one you were targeting and George flipped and it was the end for me, so I thank you for NOT voting me! You were a fighter and like I genuinely told you before you left I appreciated so much the fight you were putting into staying because just like George you WANTED to play the game. I hope you are able to understand the position I was in and why voting you was best for me, and I am very sorry you couldn't play longer like you had wanted to!!

    Austin: The first of my alliances to quit! I thank you for being a good ally and being loyal for the time you were in the game, I know we haven't had the best past together maybe but I do look forward to a good future in another game with you < 3. I hope life is going well for you and yeah that's really it!!

    Felix: Oh Felix!!! I actually feel like really really terrible that I've been in positions in three games now where I felt it was best for me to vote you out, and I'm sorry for that! I appreciated you wanting to work with me and I felt like we had something good going with me and you during the swap, then we disconnected a bit when we swapped again and I just never felt like when we merged you were really making an effort with me anymore and I felt like letting you continue to stay in control like you had been during the first swap wasn't smart for me anymore as I could've been going home soon with you having the power. I'm sorry for how things turned out, I am glad though we had a longer game together then previously on 703 org and in denmark and I'm glad you're not pre-jury this time!

    Catherine: Catherine < / 3. We almost had majority back after I got Felix out like I wanted, unfortunately we can't account for super idols now can we haha. I'm sorry you were the victim of the super idol, I will say however though even though I think you're wonderful for me it was probably best you left over Toby/Allison because you were playing a fantastic UTR game and absolutely could've sneaked your way into this final 3, and honestly out of you/Toby/Allison I felt like we just didn't have the best connection so in a way even though you going wasn't the ideal outcome that tribal, I'm glad it was you kinda!! Hopefully I get to watch you play another game soon because you seem to always do well in the ones I'm watching!

    Emma: The second ally I had that unfortunately had to quit :( I know everything in your life wasn't doing well when you did quit and I really hope that things are better for you now like we all said would be. As for the game thank you for wanting to make the move with me and thankyou for being you because you're legit the nicest/sweetest/most sincere person next to Dani Gunn in this community and ya I hope you're doing okay now < 3.

    Allison: I think we aligned like night one of the game?? We have had a ROCKY road miss Allison but we've been on every single tribe together and played together the longest out of every1 here. I'm so sorry for basically ruining your game with flipping on Felix and sending you to the minority after the super idol play, I'm sorry for not using the extra vote I had that would've saved you I truly believed they were voting me because they were the tribal prior, and I'm just so sorry for being a shitty ally and getting you in the position you were in only for me to now be here instead. Please forgive me and thank you for being with me throughout this game < 3.

    Charley: Ugh Charley!!!! I've yet to actually play a Survivor with you where we don't end up on opposite sides!! The bond that you/Eddie share had to be broken up I was never going to be closer to either of you with that intact, and even though it put me into minority and yall had a good run for a few rounds I'm sorry that it didn't work out for you in the end. You played a fantastic game letting Eddie take the hits while you stayed in the background, you were in the majority for every vote until your boot and you had control all throughout until then, and you sneaky lil gurl having that super idol and making the biggest move of the game with it I honest to god was shook and did NOT expect that at all. Great game and I hope to play with you (JUST you) in the future!!

    Eddie: Oh Eddie. I truly came into this game WANTING to play with you and WANTING to go deep with you, but then the tribe swap happened and we weren't together, and another tribe swap happened and we weren't together, and by the time the merge came we had built closer bonds with other people and you had managed to keep your close friends in the game with you and I felt I couldn't get further than 4th at best with that. I ruined our potential running of the merge together and I apologize for how things have ended up, just know it was not a personal thing and I did want to work you with this game, it's just circumstances and doing what was best for me that couldn't allow me to work with you. You played a great game, I'm usually always proud when I end the season with the most votes cast against me because it shows I was a threat that people desperately wanted gone, so you should be proud of the game you played and I hope you had fun playing it!! Hopefully we can play together in the future where circumstance doesn't force us apart!!!

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