• Adam- I’m sorry you had to be first boot, being the only girl with four guys I just wanted make sure I got through the first one, I’m sorry it had to be you.

    JJ- I never got to meet you at all, but I am sure you are a very lovely person will did great things in this game. Stay awesome.

    BABOY!- Honestly kid, you were such a kind heart, I am soooo sorry that you got swap fucked. I was happy to play with you. Sorry I berated you with flowers, I just thought they were pretty.

    Tom- Never met you either, but from what I have heard you were a threat so…. I’m glad you went? But really, I hope to meet you one day so I can see what all the fuss is about.

    Andy- I won’t lie, I think the swap fucked you too. Your boot gave me the opportunity to make my favorite parchment  ever, so thank you very very much for that.

    Jay- Another person I never got to meet. I bet you were a thrill to have on a tribe and it’s a shame we never were on a tribe together.

    Stef- I was absolutely heartbroken to see you go, I was devastated.  I was blindsided as much as you, and I miss playing with you. I love you as a person, I am glad we got to be on a tribe together and reconnect after all the drama in Cyprus. Always remember to keep your head up and stay beautiful, gorgeous! <3

    Linus- I think playing with you was fun, but mostly when I think of your name all I can think is about your problematic posts on facebook. So thank you for that!

    George- My California Kid! I am sad we never got to meet when you were back home, hopefully one da we will be able to hang out one day and talk all about this game. You are my favorite nerd and I was so sad to see that you were voted out, fingers crossed we can play together again one day.

    Tyler- Stacks! I had so much fun making a parchment with pancake stacks, and then Stef went. I was very very proud of that parchment and I am glad you enjoyed it.

     Austin- I was so upset to see you wanted to be voted out of the game, but I respected that. The outcast situation put you in a bad spot, and I fully understand your choice to leave that that point. A lot more things are important than a game. I can’t be too upset… everyone loves you kid, you couyld have won this whole thing.

    Felix- We talk one on one once. I’m equally to blame for that. We were set in our alliances and the line was drawn in the sand. Hopefully after all this is over we can actually get to know one another, you seemed like a really cool guy.

    Cat- Again, sides were chosen and I’m sorry we were on different ones. When you were super idoled out I was in complete shock. It was nice to play with you, I wish we could have gotten to know each other outside of gameplay.

    Emma- My Olympics sister, I am so grateful that we got to finally actually play in a game together. You were a delight to play with and a delight to talk to, you are a great girl and I know you are going to do well in life. I was so sad to see you leave, but things in life are always more important. Thank you for always trying to keep the tribe chat calm and reasonable.

    Allison- I believe we had some ups and downs in this game. We were always on opposite sides, but I liked you as a person. Emotions ran high in this game and we all said things we regretted, but what I absolutely love about you most is that you were always the first to apologize when you thought you had crossed a line. Thank you for being problematic, but not being a problem. Please never change your sass.

    Charley- You are an absolute sweetheart. Ever since our every first trip to the gardens in the very beginning, I knew I wanted to work with you. You have a way about you that is always so cheerful and upbeat even when you’re fired up. You completely shocked me with your Super Idol play, that was iconic. We both got busy in life and didn’t talk as much as I would have liked, but I hope after this is over we will get a lot closer.

    Eddie- First of all, I love you. Inside this game, outside this game. You are my favorite problematic person, you probably always will be. You are unique in a beautiful way. You always bring a smile to my face, and we desperately need to skype and smoke and have a really good talk. You’re a social butterfly, and I think you could have won. I hope you’ll still want to be my penpal now L


    Malik- I am so thankful that you are a host on this game. You have been there for me to talk to and that means a lot to me.

    Drew- It was amazing to reconnect with you on this game. There are some great memories from Cyprus and now we have more from Japan.

    Hunter- You usually give me the thumbs up when I have submitted something, that means a lot for someone who always needs reassurance. Thanks for always being in the chat.

    Johnny- I don’t know if you’ve really talked at all, but thank you for stepping in when it was needed, that’s a class act.

    Liam- I was devastated to see you have to leave the hosting team, but with everything that was going on I completely understand. You helped me a lot in getting over some personal hurdles and that meant the world to me. Stay your incredible self, and I’m always around if you need to talk. 

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