• Hello hello!!!

    Let me first start off by saying thank you to everyone who played this game both jury and pre-jury, the season could not have been what it was without any of yall so yeah thanks for that

    Now into my game I guess!!!!! The first part imma explain my early/mid/end game and all of the moves I made and then at the end I'll give a short summary of my game. Idt speeches mean much it's more the jury questions so feel free to read all or as little as you want and I'll answer your questions with lengthy responses to help!!

    From the very beginning of this game my strategy really was to just lay low, like I'm well aware I have this perception attached to me where I'm this loud bitch so really the only thing I could do was lay low and form relationships with people and I definitely did that I mean I was in full control before we swapped on Horyuji, I had an alliance with Allison/Emma, I had a side alliance with Estefana, I was the only one who knew about Estefana having an extra vote (not an idol like she told you Allison) and ya I was doing fine then.

    When we swapped, same thing. Just laying low building relationships doing well in challenges to stay safe. The only difference was Felix emerged as the sort of leader I guess you could say on swapped Horyuji, and my game became more of continuing to let Felix believe he had complete control by doing whatever he wanted and aligning with whoever he wanted. Luckily his interests matched my own as well as the entire tribe basically so it wasn't too difficult surviving through the initial swap.

    The second swap was a bit different, I mean I felt fine as luck was on my side and I had some good allies in Toby/Allison/Austin, but ya losing was something I wasn't used to but managing to survive both votes without any votes against me and having the swapped horyuji's stay united against the two swapped namiyoke inari's is something I helped to make sure happened. It was at this point in the game where I rly saw like the power Eddie had gotten from his swapped tribe because seeing united vote after united vote and seeing them blindside my ally in Estefana I felt like the only strategy to put in place was to unify the initial swapped horyuji's to take them down at a merge.

    Then we merged and obviously that's where my game became more transparent and I couldn't have the luxury of hiding in the background anymore and laying low. I came to win and that's when I started playing!!

    Voting Felix out was my move 100%, merging and not really talking to Felix I felt like he had other long term plans in mind that I was not going to be part of as he wasn't putting in the same amount of effort in talking to me, and I saw the perfect opportunity knowing Allison had an extra vote to flip, vote Felix out who was the only member of the initial swapped horyuji's I didn't feel entirely comfortable letting stay in control, and then flip back and rejoin my alliance and gain control using Allison's extra vote.

    UNFORTUNATELY, it's hard to account for the advantage orgy that the merge became and even though my plan worked the way I wanted and Eddie WAS voted out, Charley made one of the biggest moves by using her super idol thus ruining my plan and sending me and my allies into the minority.

    However like it wasn't over and I never truly felt I was in the minority. I had an idol I found round like four, I had an extra vote, and I had the ability to convince Emma making a move was the best thing for her game, and that's exactly what happened. Keeping Toby/Allison calm and letting them know I was getting Emma to flip kept us united and that tribal council had Emma not quit, I used my idol correctly and Eddie was going to be idoled out with the information Emma had given us. Obviously that's not what happened, and she quit because of personal problems going on in her life which is completely understandable!!

    At the final 6 I still felt like we were in control though, with the information Emma had given to me about them voting me I felt fine throwing immunity letting Toby have it and using my idol to just make the same move again. However obviously that again didn't happen, I misplayed my idol, they voted Allison, and I was left without one of my closest allies and not using my extra vote cost her.

    Final 5 came round and again I didn't feel like I was ever in danger of leaving. I had an extra vote that had the ability to be used not only on the initial vote but on the revote as well, so all that needed to happen really was Toby or I win immunity and we force Shannon/Charley/Eddie to draw rocks and we're safe. Luckily Toby found the merge idol and the extra vote became a non-factor and I was saved, but like I don't want yall to think I didn't have a backup plan because even without the idol we would've been fine going into that vote and I would've been safe (although toby you know ily and thank you for finding the idol <3)

    Charley effectively was idoled out and we got to the end game where I felt like I could win my way to the end and stop throwing challenges which is what happened!!! My last "big move" of the game I guess you could call it was voting Toby out because I felt like it was a lot more difficult to beat the person who betrayed less people and actively changed the game along with me over beating the person who abstained in two parts of the final immunity challenge (even tho ily shannon).


    To summarize everything if you don't want a round by round beginning/mid/end game explanation of my thought process, throughout this game I maintained a position of control and never truly ever felt in of going danger home even when put in the minority at the merge. All of my moves made strategic sense and all of my moves technically did work, it's just idols and advantages made them not work, and when things didn't work I always found a way out whether it be flipping Emma or having the extra vote/idol to protect me.

    At the end of the day I'm the only one in this game who has not had a single vote that COUNTED cast against me, and the only time I did ever get votes was at the final 5. I knew what I was doing the entire way through, I was a leader in my alliances, and honestly I'm the reason that the game played out the way it did because I set in stone the sides at the merge with the moves I made. I played as hard as I could, and I hope that's enough to get your votes and you can recognize everything I did!!!!

    I'm willing to and more than happy to answer every single question with 100% honesty and ya lets get this thing going yall!

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