• First of all, I AM SORRY that this took so damn fucken long. I know that everyone in the jury is probably pissed at me. With that being said, I will make this short so we can continue this game. 

    I want to thank everyone in this game,  I have made some great friendships that I know will transcend this game and as cheesy as it sounds, that a real prize for me.  Unlike Chris I can’t give you a map to my game play. I will admit I got lucky at the first tribe swap. I believe that had that gone a different way, I would not be sitting here at the end. I played this game with my heart, whoreheartedly.  I left it all out there, I cried more in this game out of sadness than I would like to admit. I spent a good portion of the game “joking” that I was a goat, and that may be the case, but I am 100% happy with the way I played this game till day 39. With all the advantage item plays, I am proud to say that I never needed an advantage item to get to the end. 

    Most importantly, I grew as a person in this game. I was given the opportunity to right some wrongs that I had made, I was given the opportunity to prove to people that I wasn’t a cold hearted bitch. 

    If I don’t win, it will suck, but knowing I got this far and made some friends will ease the pain. 

    Thank you, everyone specially the hosts, for making this a great season. I will never forget this. <3

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