• Okay this will be super super quick because I already know who I am voting for!

    Chris- Amazing game, you played so well, hats off to you. You pulled off an amazing series of flips, from the Cat/Allison/Toby/Felix alliance, to my alliance, then from my alliance, back to the Cat/Toby/Allison alliance, truly impressive. You didn't involve yourself with anything that would lose you jury votes, like how Toby insterted himself into Allison and I's dispute. You also didn't act cocky which is an amazing quality to have. You were also very straightforward, like when Toby lost immunity you straight up told me you weren't flipped. "The trurth works well in this game" as Michelle Legend Schubert said.

    Shannon- I love you to death, and my game thoughts on you have nothing to do with what I think of you as a person, you are an amazing person and I love you to death, know that. Ok so Shannon, basically, I can't give you my vote tonight because if I did I would be basing my vote off of friendship and not gameplay, and that is something I never do. Voting me out was a questionable move on your part, had you done it ANY other time in the merge, it would have been a great move, but at the final 4? With Chris and Toby as your only options to go to the end with after I left? You literally voted out your shot at winning when you voted me out. I'm not saying you would have won against me 100%, but you sure as hell could have made a compelling case to win. You could have said how you never fought with anyone, how I fought with people, you could have said how you were loyal and where involved in the decison making for our alliance, but now, that you are next to Chris, or even if it was Toby, you have nothing you can really say you did that would even hold a candle to their games. I love you to death but I just can't give you my vote.

    That is all, I have no questions for y'all. I had a blast playing and I have no hard feelings towards any of y'all, its a game!

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    • Aw thank you Eddie < 3 I appreciate it so much

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    • I wish I could say the same Eddie... I wish you the best in life. <3 

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    • A FANDOM user
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