• Welcome back to Tribal Council, Evitaxal.

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    Now bringing in the the members of the jury...Nick, Tara, Jake, Thomas, and Marco, voted out at the last tribal council...



    Before we get to the vote, we have some questions for you guys.

    Sim, on a scale of 1-10, how nervous do you feel about this vote?

    Malik, Does it feel like a set state of panic for anyone to make a big move with the final tribal council looming?

    Kaeden, congrats on individual immunity! How do you feel?

    Blake and Aren, how does it feel to go from being 2/3 Ulonged premerge to 2 of you almost at FTC?


    We ask that you write your votes on the parchment below and send them to your confessional thread by 3:15 PM EST on May 8th. Best of luck. Also note, this will be the last tribal where you can play any items left in the game.

    Evitaxal Parchment

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