• Gavin - It's really sad that we didn't get to play together, because I could tell you really wanted to be here. You're a nice dude who has been in the community for a while and you definitely did not deserve the title of first boot at all.

    Jake C - Another nice person who was voted out way too early. In your case it was a good move because you were clearly inactive, however you seem like someone I would've enjoyed playing with.

    Sam - I was really bummed that you went out as early as you did. I like to think we're friends after going through the shitfests that were Skye Islands and Retribution together, but from what I've heard you didn't really want to be here.

    Jared - Long time no see. We didn't talk much as a result of you trying to align yourself with the rival alliance, but you were a very paranoid person and player so I'm sorry you had to go so early.

    Rin - I still don't know why your tribe voted you out. You were great in challenges and seemed like a nice person but like some others on your tribe, we just unfortunately didn't get to talk or play together.

    Alex - You were way too much of a social, strategic and physical threat to be allowed to go to the merge.

    Dillon - R.I.P Nate.

    Hannah - It really sucks that you went pre-merge because I feel like we could've worked really well together, especially since you were on the bottom of the extrovert tribe and I was on the bottom of the introverts.

    Nick - I owe a lot to you for aligning with me pre-merge, because if you hadn't, I wouldn't be here right now. Despite all of the messiness of the introvert tribe and being on the bottom together the whole time, we still almost made the merge and that is mind-boggling. Papa bless. Also #berniewouldhavewon

    Tara - I know that you're probably still angry with me for backstabbing you, and I understand that; however you were way more of a threat to me than you thought you were. Socially you were running the game and you had a lot of allies, so I hope there aren't any questions as to why I voted for you or any hard feelings because I did.

    Jake - Brother from another mother. Bestie from another testie (alright I'll stop). It sucks that you aren't still in the game with me because these bastards blindsided you, but I'll try to take one home ferda bois; also shoutout to you for being the only person to correctly play an idol this season.

    Thomas - You made it really obvious that you had no desire to keep me in the game (telling me to not win immunity, not talking to me until I became the swing vote, etc) so it was really a no-brainer when I saw the perfect opportunity to vote you out.

    Marco - You were honestly my frenemy in this game. I thought we were close allies in the beginning, then I realized you were against me so I ended up voting against your alliance quite frequently, then you voted Jake out, then I spared you at the Thomas vote and we took him out together, and then at final 6 the opportunity to vote you out presented itself so I took it. It was quite strange how we lied to each other's faces knowing the other person was lying, but still worked together effectively when we needed to. 

    Aren - Hands down the most difficult vote that I made this season. I knew I had to do it, and I planned on voting you out for a while, but when it came down to it I really dreaded voting for you because we were close friends and allies in and out of this game. It was an extremely tough vote and I'm sorry I had to deceive you like that, but truthfully I would've lost to you at FTC had a move not been made.

    (I apologize for the post not being longer. This is all I could do in the given time)

    Thanks to all of you for the fun season, and let's just hope the ending is as entertaining and intense as the rest of the game was.

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