• GavinS5


    Ugh, Gavin. When I saw you, I was so eager and hoped if there was a swap that I was on a tribe with you, and actually have the proper chance to play with you. But shockingly, you were out first and I wish you stayed because I felt you would've been great.


    Jake C.

    Awh it was sad to see you go, but I was not surprised to be honest. You can kinda be inactive, and sometimes in games that doesn't cut it. I wondered how would have been if you continued in this game, and if we didn't win so much. I hope we get to play together again <3



    I don't think we've ever met, and I wish we could've. You manga looks interesting, and you look like a cool guy. Maybe we will get that chance in another ORG.



    This might come off rude, but I'm honestly glad you were voted off when you were. You're cool outside of the game and all, but you really annoyed me in the game, and from the beginning I honestly did not want to work with you at all. I didn't feel like it would've worked for me, so the chance I got to take you out, I took it. Still cool outside the game though.



    Sometimes I don't know if you still hold ill will against me over TBORG and I feel like you do, but I was hoping to put that in the past and get over it. Now, whether I was happy you were out or not, I was at the fact I didn't have to worry about whether you held it against me or not because you were voted out before I could figure it out. I always thought you were a kind heart, and maybe one day we can talk more if the situation is long behind you.



    My robbed king of the minority turned majority! You were and always will be amazing to me, you didn't deserve to go that early. After you were gone I was pretty much upset and mad you were out and I didn't really know how I'd pull through, because I was feeling low on the totem pole(Because I trusted you the most), but I got over my emotions, and trooped on through afterward.



    I was excited when I saw you, and then the live challenge. That killed it. Not only did it kill it for me, clearly your tribe wasn't too thrilled, and voted you out right after. Might've been cool to play with, but you probably would've been a problem later.



    YOU WERE ROBBED LIKE OMG. I was soo freaking ready to meet with you at merge and finally play together, but the ORG gods are so against us. I was very upset at you leaving, and I felt like you DEFINITELY could've replaced someone else from the extroverts. -eyes emoji-



    Lol Nick, Nick, Nick. No matter what you probably thought, I was originally on your side. And then when I was stuck with people I didn't want to align with (Jared), and you're trying to force me to vote people I wanted to work with(Alex, Sim)? And you're talking like you're trying to force and dictate my vote? Not a way to convince me, and I can be quite the rebel, so that's what I did. I did not like how things were seeming to come to be, and I did not want someone else running what I do and how I do it, so I flipped to be with people who didn't try to control me. I don't like that. Sure, be mad that I didn't think you couldn't trust me anymore so I voted you out, but do not and I mean do not get personal and say how I don't know how to play the game...all I have to say is look where you are, and look where I am. Do you still feel the same? In all honesty, you've always been my friend, but that hurt and it was uncalled for for you to call me a terrible player. You don't know what that could've done to me, you don't know what it COULD HAVE triggered in me. Regardless of the situation, I still consider you my friend, so I hope you're over it now. And if not then.. -shrugs- <3



    People go back and fourth with this rumor so imma say this. I honestly thought you were an amazing person, I felt you were very fun to talk to, and I was genuinely sad when you were voted out. I wished you stayed, but things happened. Now back to the rumor, if you are really who people say you were, me and you need a serious talk. If not then don't worry about it. I think you would've been a contender in the FTC tbh <3


    Jake R.

    Jake! <3 I did really want to work with you from the gate, I did. But how alliances were formed, I found that hard to do. Then every time I'd want to try again, you'd either turn people against each other or lie about something, and then I'd have second doubts. I enjoyed our convos, and I doubt they'd change anytime soon, but I wish we communicated better during the pre merge. Always love regardless!



    See, I was soo ready to play with you and all, and learn stuff from you..but you tried to play games and think you could play me. I had already been onto you from the beginning merge votes, especially when you strayed away from voting some people and then claim "Oh no I just want you and NAME here, but we need NAME2 to go". I was like..yea you need to be watched. I always felt like there were these sides, and I feel like clearly I was the victor between us two. Can't try to get one over on me and think I'm dumb enough to believe you wouldn't betray me? -crying laugh emoji- your vibe gave it away. Either way, I didn't fake the things I said when it came to being friends, that I was serious about. I still wanna be friends dude, and I hope you do too <3



    OMG I'm so glad I finally got to play with you! <333 I've always wanted to tbh, and I don't regret it! You've been a delight since day one, and I appreciate you taking me in against those dictators -crying laugh emoji- And I'm glad we stuck together during the merge. But I heard you kinda started to throw my name to save yourself, and I was getting nervous you were about to flip on me and others, so I felt at that point you needed to go because I could see you as a potention FTC threat. No hard feelings I hope. <3333



    AREN! <33333 I'm glad you made it to merge, and though I disapprove of Thomas trying to how you said "guilt trap" you into voting however he wanted, I'm glad you were able to do your own thing once he left. Originally yes I was considering going to FTC with you, but I couldn't shake the feeling of the stories you said you could tell at the FTC to get your win, and also if I tried to change that vote you would've gotten me out. So for once I don't really regret voting you out because you tried to come for me. Which either way would've failed. You've always been there for me, you a few others(basically all but him and one other) were there for me when me and Kaeden had that huge fight in the tribe chat, and you always knew how to cheer me up. I appreciate you doing so, and you'll always be a great friend and a good ally of mine. love you, and you did amazing. <33333

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