• First off, I can’t really say much about Jake C, Sam, Rin, or Dillon. Unfortunately I didn’t get the chance to interact with any of you so I couldn’t provide a fitting or accurate tribute. I’m sure you were all amazing and sorry your ORG experiences were cut shot :(

    Gavin - Sorry buddy, it seems that you’re always a victim! People pin you as a threat before you even become one, but even I can recognize how smart/strategic you are, but nonetheless I think you deserved to make it further than one round.

    Jared - Sorry you had to go, we never got a chance to really get to know each other, but I was somewhat thrown into a swing vote position (not-really but kinda) and I chose to trust Alex, Malik, Tara and Marco over Jake/Kaeden/Nick and decided it was easier to vote you out, sorry! 

    Alex - Tragic. We all had a gut feeling that it was gonna happen lmao, the doomed idol plays….but it still sucks. What got me was the nazi symbol on your parchment, you didn’t deserve that, you deserved the merge! I believe you’re leaving the ORG community now, so I wish you luck in the future, and all the best =]

    Hannah - We’ve definitely had our ups and downs but I think we’ve moved past that now, and I was hoping we’d get to see what actually being allies would’ve been like, so it’s a shame that this late ass merge screwed that over. 

    Nick - Hey! A somewhat familiar face that I wanted to work with, but when our tribe was divided we were on opposite sides, and it was hard getting past that. The thing is, you voted for me randomly and I can get past that but I never really got an explanation, so I never really gained enough trust for me to try and align with you after that. Pretty sure you still were targeting me so…aside from that you’re a cool guy, sorry you didn’t get to make the merge considering how late it was!!! and I wish you luck in your future political career haha. 

    Tara - I love you so much! Although you can sometimes be a paranoid mess LOL you were a great ally, although you got yourself into a sticky situation and my advice for you is to not obsess over it all so much. I understand how much it mattered to you, but it’s not worth letting these people get under your skin. Nobody was going to believe whatever stupid rumours were put out about you, and I’m always here if you need to talk about it! 

    Jake R - Ugh Jake, literally my first ally in this game probably, which is super ironic because we were probably never aligned at all. I wasn’t lying to you at first, before I learned what was really going on, who you were really aligned with and then the divisive votes and sneaky idol plays, etc. Basically the same thing with Nick, I like you but I never really got an opportunity to trust you again, so I’m sorry.

    Thomas - The absolute hardest decision I had to make in the game. I wanted to keep you, not for my game entirely, although I did trust you, but because I consider you a friend, and I hope this doesn’t end that. Although the whole Tara vote was a rocky start, and how you only wanted to work with half my alliance but all of yours, but even despite that I believed you and I still probably do, but ya, shitty situations in general, but ahh it’s just a game and I hope we can look back at it and laugh. 

    Marco - Hey!! I’ve really enjoyed playing with you Marco, you’re extremely intelligent and level-headed. When our alliance was panicking you were the voice of reason keeping us all calm, and for all these reasons alone you would’ve had my vote in the end. You were a threat, and after some tough deliberating Malik and I decided you had to go. No hard feelings, purely game and I hope to talk to you again!

    Aren - Ugh, this absolutely crushed my heart. At first I thought you were just extremely nice as your social game, but no you’re just extremely nice overall. Everytime you messaged me I smiled, you never pressured or rushed me into anything and that’s such a comforting experience to have in an ORG, but similar to Marco, you were such a huge FTC threat, and there were some fiascos about an idol this round so I held my breath and wrote your name down. Sorry, love you, and hope to speak soon!

    and finally good luck to Malik, Kaeden and Blake! It’s been a long journey but we’ve all fought hard to be here and we’ll see how this season turns out.  

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