• Gavin: You barely talked to me, or you didn't try as hard to talk to me as you did to other people so that's why I was comfortable with voting you out. I wish that were not the case but I guess you had other priorities.

    Jake C.: Sorry, you seemed really cool but you kinda were inactive so :/

    Sam: As soon as we voted you out I went "why the fuck did we just do that?" That was a really stupid move but I guess since we lost the next couple challenges, keeping you would ahve just delayed the inevitable.

    Jared: I don't know who you are sorry, or why you were voted off.

    Rin: You were really sweet but like super paranoid about everything and it just creeped everyone out. Like I don't know what happened, you should have gone further but then you just kinda imploded? But yeah I enjoyed our conversations together. 

    Alex: Also don't know what happened ova there.

    Dillon: You like...barely talked to me. All you did was either send emojis or say "Hi" or "Hey" and then that's it. You were good at that live challenge though and props for that. But yeah I just didn't really feel any sort of bond or connection to you.

    Hannah: Sorrry...I was just much closer with Aren/Thomas and we had an alliance going on so you were the odd woman out. I wish we hadn't lost another time and then you could have made merge but what can ya do.

    Nick: No idea what happened, no idea what you did either. Sorry.

    Tara: I'm so so sorry. I don't know if you were genuine about wanting to work with me but if you were then, I want to tell you that I extremely regret voting you out over the other option earlier. You should have stayed way longer and I TRIED to change the vote from you to Marco or Malik but they just wanted you gone.

    Jake R: No words. I don't even know what you were trying to do.

    Thomas: I don't know why you fucking got mad at me when you were voted out like I wanted that shit to happen? That actually pissed me off cause I was loyal to you the whole time so...and I hated that you were voted out but you saying that shit made me feel a little better so thanks?

    Marco: Hmmm...I don't know what to say about you actually. Our conversations seemed kinda spastic so I can't get a gauge on how you are as a person or a player, crap... But people saw you as a threat for some reason and I wanted to save my ass so I just went along with it, sorry.

    Aren: Nooo I swear to god Kaeden can fucking go die in a fire for doing that to you and I will rip his head off with my bare hands if I have to. And if he wins immunity then...obviously it signifies the end of the world. Love you <3

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