• Alright, let's finish this off.

    Now bringing in the members of the jury...Nick, Tara, Jake, Thomas, Marco, Aren and Blake, voted out at the last tribal council.


    You 3 have survived 39 days of hard competition, extreme drama, and it all comes down to this. Come on in Kaeden, Malik and Sim!


    Now for the fun part.

    You 3 must write your own jury speech. Make a thread titled "Vote for ___!" and place your speech there. If you need a host to make it for you, send us your speech in your confessional thread. Include how you think you played this season, talk about the season overall, and most importantly, tell the jury why you think you deserve to win the season!

    You must have your speech written by May 13th, at 7:00PM EST. At 7:30PM EST afterwards (or if all finalists have posted their speeches), the jury will make their post titled "___'s Jury Speech." They will ask you question and it'll be in your best interest as finalists to answer them. After that, the jury will have 48 hours to submit their votes for who they want to win Survivor: Greenland. Good luck you 3. You may start now.

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