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    Hey guys, it’s been quite the experience getting this far and I’m so honoured, but more importantly I’m grateful for the comfort this ORG has provided me - let me explain. I’ve turned to this ORG and League as an escape from IRL for the past few months or so and I don’t really want to discuss that too much and I’m not trying to gain pity or something, but I’m aware that it seems like I wasn’t completely involved in this season, but even then I would constantly have upcoming tribal councils on my mind.  As an introvert, I should’ve tried to interact more with everyone, and I regret not reaching out more, but I did what I needed to do, and explain what that was in 5 reasons, and then a run-down of the game from my point of view. 

    So, I guess I’ll get straight to the point. Why should you vote for me? Ultimately you guys may already have some preconceived ideas of who you’re voting, but I hope you can at least hear me out, and come to your own conclusions from there. I’ll try to keep it straightforward and provide 5 reasons why you should vote for me!!

    1 - AWARENESS. I think this was my biggest strength in the game. I was consistently attempting to be an information leech, never being blindside aside from Alex’s elimination. I was lied to the very first tribal we attended, but with solid connections I was able to quickly recover from that and put myself in a safe/powerful position moving forward on Sermersuaq. Although I voted in the minority and fought against it, I was also able to learn what was going on during the Tara tribal council. I think this is a category that I excelled in over Kaeden and Malik. 

    2 - SAFETY. Because I can’t say shit about my physical game LMAO. No honestly I cannot win a flash game to save my life, so I always tried to make up for it in my social and strategic games. I consistently maintained myself in a comfortable position in the game where I wasn’t relying on challenges, and I’m not trying to say challenges don’t matter. I mean we have challenges for a reason, and they did Kaeden very well, and he definitely wins in that regard…but if you guys want to consider the other side of that argument then I feel like I can take credit for securing my own position in the game. AND I know I was often a target, but I had faith in myself, in my connections and in my allies. 

    3 - CONTROL. Okay, bear with me here. I’m not claiming to be some mastermind who manipulated all his puppets across the chess board, nonono. I’m not a robot, or an evil genius but I think this ties in with awareness where I was actively making big decisions about who should go and when. Of course these were often coordinated decisions I made with my alliances, for example Marco, Malik, and Tara would be a part of these discussions but I was still an active voice in it all, and no I wasn’t able to vote perfectly every single round, there were rounds where I had to sit back and plan to regain some control, but some major decisions like Thomas, Marco, and Aren being blindsided were all things I (sometimes hesitantly :/) consented to or proposed myself. 

    4 - CONNECTIONS. So I feel like I keep repeating this word a bit? So I just want to expand on it a bit. Even if I wasn’t the most talkative person, I still tried to have information pouring in from all sides, pre-merge I was very close to Jake, and it sucks that I never really got to prove my loyalty to him because we were always on opposite sides of the vote, but even when I chose to align with Tara/Marco/Malik/Alex I still tried to talk to him, but I think a better example is when I got to merge. Originally I tried to stay loyal to my alliance from Sermersuaq, but later on I developed relationships with Thomas/Aren/Blake, who I’ve really enjoyed getting to know game aside, and I feel like they were all instrumental to some of the moves I got to be a part of in this game, however they were all very threatening in the end. but ahh this is becoming a long ass paragraph basically this also ties into awareness and control and just me trying to stay on top of the strategic/social web of Evitaxal. 

    5 - OUTLAST. This is going to be my last major reason, and I mean this in a very Sandra-esque way. Ultimately the goal of this game is to get to the end, and I did that. I’m not saying that’s all it takes, because I understand the possible resentment that might be felt, because you guys might feel like you deserved a spot there instead, and sure, if something went differently anywhere along the way, sure, but aside from whatever % of the game involves luck, the game has turned out the way it did for a reason. At the end of the day I used my AWARENESS to preserve my CONNECTIONS to maintain my CONTROL and ensure my SAFETY.  I played this game one round at a time, and only looked ahead when I saw a clear path to get there. Sure it wasn’t the flashiest of paths, but here we are!

    I feel like I should also give a quick rundown on certain events throughout the game, not to only share my point of view, but to also prove that I didn’t just wander to FTC, but I paved the way for myself and for people I trusted. 

    PRE-MERGE: Pretty casual at first, I made an effort to get to know people early on and found myself talking to Jake, Tara and Malik the most. I’d say I was pretty close to Alex as well which all had a heavy impact on opting to save Alex and boot Jared. I think I could’ve made a better effort to stay connected to Kaden/Nick but I still tried to talk to Jake, although I know we had a hard time being honest to each other with idols and colliding alliances and all. Although not reflected in the vote, I felt like I was sort of a swing vote in the Jared vote, because both sides had approached me with their plans, and although I very clearly chose one side I wanted to maintain this middle ground where I was actively aware of what was going on in both sides of the game, and wanted to continue taking to these people whether we were working together or not! Voting out Nick was pretty easy because I believe he had already randomly threw a vote my way beforehand, and it was either him or me, but I had confidence that it wasn’t going to be me. 

    EARLY-MERGE: As soon as we merged my original worry was that the Skræling 3 would team up with Aren, Blake and Thomas against us all. However I was approached by Thomas who proposed that the Skræling 3 wanted to work with me and Malik. I was open to the idea as I really enjoyed Thomas/Aren/Blake, however I didn’t really want Tara/Marco gone, I trusted them and had no reason to blindside them. I actively campaigned to Blake who I thought could be a potential swing vote, but unfortunately I couldn’t save Tara. From then on I decided that I didn’t like this feeling of helplessness, and that I would work to make sure that I’m not put into that position again. Jake’s vote was pretty standard from here.

    LATE-MERGE: Or as I like to call it, the blindside train. Thomas, Marco, Aren. Three vicious blindsides(?) in a row, and they were not easy. Props to Kaeden’s immunity streak here because he was definitely gone if he didn’t win every single time. The Thomas vote was not my idea, I’m not going to take credit for it, however I hesitantly agreed to it. The fact that Aren was willing to take out Thomas gave me a bit more breathing room next time. Afterwards it was basically Aren, Blake or Marco. Now this is a vote I can take credit for. Marco was a huge threat, sure, he was a comp beast and would’ve crushed the FTC, but that’s not why *I* chose to vote him out. If you look at it from my perspective, I already have Aren’s trust from the Thomas vote, but how do I make sure I'm safe if Kaeden continues winning and finds himself in a swing vote position? Gain Kaden’s trust of course! Voting out Marco was the most efficient way to do that, and ultimately it worked out since I was pretty much guaranteed a spot here, no matter who won immunity. In some ways keeping Malik around, aside from being my partner in crime, benefited me because he was targeted before I was when it came down to it, and I would never imply that I used Malik as some sort of shield or tried to get him targeted, but this made it easier to play the game with him, on top of the fact that we were really loyal to each other. Aren and Blake’s vote outs were pretty straight forward from there. I feel like I should address the idol, although I didn't feel like it was going to have a big impact it allowed me and Malik not to have to rely on Kaeden's vote since we ended up playing it right, but props to Malik for finding it though!

    So that about wraps it up, and I’m willing to address all of your questions now! I recognize I had many weaknesses across my game, but I feel like I offset them with strategic timing and social connections, and I hope I’ve earned your vote! :D

    Good luck to Malik and Kaeden, may the best player win! <3

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