• Hello everyone! I'm kind of shook rn. It's been a while since I've been to a FTC. In fact, this is my second one I've ever been to.

    This is again new to me, so I think I'll go through my whole experience from pre-merge, to the merge, and also talk about my social, physical and strategical game.


    When I first entered the tribe and saw who I was playing with, I was kind of excited, but kind of let down at the same time. I wanted to make sure I did not end up under anyone else, and that I wasn't going to be a goat to anyone or an extra vote for someone else, that's the mentality I had going into it. I liked nearly everyone in the tribe, but I mostly talked to Alex, Sim, Marco, Tara, Jake, and Nick. I truly just wanted to work with anyone but Jared because I felt A) he would've been invested in the game with his emotions, and B) how he was behaving in the beginning. Like he would be inactive or not do challenges and drag the tribe down, and I didn't want to really deal with that doing the pre-merge. When we won the first three Reward/Immunity challenges, there wasn't really any strategy talk, even though we did talk in the alliance chat, it wasn't much strategy talk at all. I'm honestly so glad I did flip when we finally lost an immunity challenge, because at this point how I wanted it to be was to work with Alex, Marco and Sim separately or even together, and maybe even stick to Jake and Nick if I grew to like that alliance more. But when Nick started to try to constantly target Alex/Sim, I knew then that not only would Nick be a possible big force later on, but also that our alliance wouldn't work, especially if Jake nor Nick was considering my ideas. Since they weren't listening, I flipped so that I could work with people who could actually talk plans out and not try to force a vote that anyone(i.e me) was not comfortable with. Clearly that wasn't a bad thing to do, and I also felt that if I did not flip that I would've been either backstabbed or I would've never made it to the FTC. Nick and Jake also seemed to have a connection with Kaeden that I did not have, and that made me feel like it was a chance that neither Jake or Nick would've taken me to the end, and betray me for Kaeden. In the Alex vote, I had a feeling there was going to be an idol used, but I didn't know who the target was going to be. Nick and Jake were both acting either very cocky, or not really talking to people as if they didn't really need our votes or anything. I mainly tried to push Kaeden as the vote, because I felt it wouldn't have been expected. But after a lot of talking and convincing, we decided on Nick. Kinda wish I didn't mention it to Jake's lying ass, but I did and I take fault in that. I felt it was much easier to vote Kaeden instead of Nick, but I didn't want to force a vote on anybody. Of course what came next was Jake using an idol on Nick, resulting in Alex going home. From this point, I wanted Kaeden gone due to what he put on his parchment. I did forgive him for it and understood him and everything he said, and I kind of let it go a bit, but after his behavior later I felt otherwise. During the Alex round, I was really thinking I could really be done in this game, but I feel the only reason I didn't go is because they(Nick, Kaeden and Jake) still had some faith in me coming back to their side, however I was very paranoid for flipping in the first place that I didn't think I could return to their side. So I decided to stay with the other alliance all the way through(The GC alliance). It especially didn't help that Kaeden rarely talked to me until merge. I'm also slightly glad that we didn't swap, because that could've damaged my relationships with people on my tribe. Also, my paranoia did however caused a fight between me and my good friend Nick, who I must apologize to. We always had great conversations, and I didn't mean to hurt you in that way, but I felt after the first vote off attempt, you wouldn't trust me the same again so I was afraid if I attempted to work it out you would've had me blindsided or something.

    Early Merge

    When I got to the merge, it hit me that the tribe was basically another Sermersuaq, but with three guests from another tribe aka Skræling. I kind of wanted to work with all three of them, but mainly Aren and Thomas if he could be trusted. I also wanted to keep my alliance with GC, but I didn't know how loyal they would've been to me as the merge went on, so I kind of was on edge and didn't get too comfortable with pretty much anyone but Sim really. I wasn't sure if I could completely trust Jake as he lied his way through the pre-merge till that point. And seeing how Thomas/Kaeden/Jake & sometimes Blake interacted in that chat, I already felt we had lost Kaeden and Jake as part of a revenge against us voting Nick out the previous round. Apparently I was the original target the first round, but it was changed to Tara. After that I wanted her safe, but since I really wanted Sim and Marco to stay, I ended up being contempt with Tara being the vote in case Jake and Kaeden really went over to the Skræling three. When Tara left, I was kind of sad because she was really cool, And I loved her comments about Jake towards the end LMAO one of my favorite things about her. I was so glad after this because pretty much the majority of the threats went home one by one. In this Jake vote, I again wanted to work with him, but his track record of constantly lying made it hard to want to even do it anymore. And also, we were worried Jake might have found another idol. Apparently, something happened between Jake and Thomas, which resulted in them not only distrusting each other, but targeting each other. I had to decide where I wanted to go with this. I still kind of had hope that me and Thomas could have worked together and keep his word, and I will also get to that. I ended up deciding with the remaining GC alliance that Jake needed to go, due to him being so untrustworthy that he could not be here anymore. The next following round, a few things happened. Kaeden started getting bold, and being unpleasant and cocky in my sense. After he won his first immunity, he claimed if anyone tried to convince him to vote with them, he'd vote against him, and I already wasn't speaking to him as it was. Thomas told me he would not write my name down, and which proved to be false. I tried to work with him and Sim like we were supposed to, but that was the final straw. As much to Sim's dismay, I had to convince him if he was willing to try to vote me out, he would probably do the same to him. And I didn't even want to vote Thomas either, but I was trying to protect myself and my team. Aren also was telling me how he was done with Thomas trying to make him vote this way and guilt trip him into doing things he didn't want to do. So Thomas doing this finally gave way for me to officially align with Aren from that point. I was so glad because now I had another person I could trust on my side.

    Late Merge & Finale

    At this point, I wasn't feeling Kaeden anymore and not vibing with him whatsoever. I slowly started to notice the shade and digs he made towards me for no reason whatsoever. When the loved ones came, he started being shady and mocking me and Ella to be some kind of bad ass or whatever, but either way it wasn't going to help his ass get further in the game. So at this point I started to want him gone even more. At this point, I was basically aligned with everyone but Blake and Kaeden. This is where Marco's vote out came in. I was kind of getting wary of him because he was trying to save himself, but I heard he was putting me and Sim's names out there to do so. Sim, being my partner in crime here <3 expressed his concern over Marco. And the more we talked about it and that I thought about it..I felt Sim was right, and that we need to get rid of Marco before he attempts to betray us as it started to seem more likely he would do so. I talked to Aren about it, and he agreed to it because we were becoming closer as allies at that point. Either way the numbers were becoming in my favor as I was hoping. As long as Sim didn't betray me, I'd be fine pretty much if I could convince Blake or Aren to keep me. Final 5! Aka the finale. I had enough of Kaedung and had to sit his ass down. I felt he was doing that either because he was upset that I was still in, or to piss anyone off, while his immunity streak protected him. I learned from there to steer clear from fighting after I finally calmed down. I still very much wanted Kaeden gone, but I needed guys who could beat him in challenges. The guy was getting through on flash games, and it was clear when I won that Reward challenge, which did benefit me either way the tribal happened. I guessed for the idol two times after I got the clues, and was able to get the idol so quickly. After Kaeden won another challenge (immunity), I was stuck between Blake and Aren. I didn't want to do Aren like that, however I had to remember he has done that to me in the past, and if I can get over it, so can him. Also, Aren did mention different reasons as to how he could have a fighting chance for FTC. I decided Aren needed to go, and Kaeden actually agreed to vote with me and Sim since names were all being thrown like crazy. And I wasn't expecting him to actually do it, nor did I think he would. So I mentioned my idol to Sim. He was saying how he really wanted it played on himself because he was scared it would be him. However, my gut told me to put it on myself. It was useless, but if Kaeden flipped it would've been a perfect idol play. Bye bye Aren. Now the last vote. I really really wanted Kaeden to lose so we could all just vote him out. But, Blake kept getting paranoid and screaming at everyone. Mainly because he knew if Kaeden won the FIC that he'd be the vote. Blake also started a fight with me in pms saying why wouldn't anyone vote me out because I'm the biggest threat ever. I tried to assure him to try and win the challenge, but somehow the streak never stopped. And we all voted Blake out. Blake voted me. Fighter till the end. Now here we are at the Final 3. Sim was the guy I wanted to go to the end with regardless. But how we would get there was a long shot, and beyond me as it is. We worked well together, and we found a way to survive every single round, and make it to the FTC.

    Sorry if this seems super long btw I'm not good at these and didn't know what to do so I just thought I could give detail on my experience in the game.

    Now, onto the three most important things!:


    My physical I feel was ok, but not something I wanted to rely on to make it far into the game. I felt it was good to have a good one for the pre-merge, but when it got to merge, I always feel short besides one good time. Not much to really say about this one, because I relied on it the least and it didn't help me anyways.


    My goal was to make sure I didn't piss anyone off, and that I didn't seem distant from others that I really got along with. I used my old and new friendships to my benefit. Also, my social helped me find out info from different people. Things that Aren would tell me that Blake/Thomas would say, and Sim relying info to me as well from basically anyone at merge. I was able to find out most times I was targeted, when Tara was targeted, and basically was aware of every merge vote. Even the one I didn't get to vote in. I was seemingly calm about most things, and almost never showed my hotheaded side. I feel this and my strategical were the two key things in my game.


    I feel if anything my strategical was what I used the most in this game. I felt that most of the things I did I had a valid reason for doing so. I felt Jared would be no benefit for me in the long run because I didn't think I could rely on him physically, and probably been seen too close to me. I felt it was best to align with Sim because no one would expect us to be aligned on that level. I also wanted to align with Alex because I know he is trustworthy. I thought an alliance with Jake and Nick could work, but I'd have to get used to it. And I didn't think of Kaeden, I was hoping he could be a easy vote if we didn't want to vote anyone else out. When Nick was pushing for Alex/Sim to go, that did not benefit my game one bit. It would benefit theirs so they could get control, but I couldn't do that because then Nick and Jake would have a big influence/be the HBICs controlling everything such as votes, idol guesses/clues, and I felt I wouldn't be able to really get a say or control my own fate. So when Marco, Tara, Alex and Sim came to be about voting Jared--something that I wanted to do from the gate, I didn't say no, but I hesitated. I thought it was too good to be true, but I went and voted Jared out, and created the official GC chat (which was most likely meant to stand for Game Changers). The only vote I was on the wrong side on(Not exactly but still) was the Alex one due to the idol. Otherwise I did vote on the right side every time, the Tara vote, and I didn't vote in time for the Jake vote. My flipping seemed like it was going to cost me at merge due to Thomas playing games, but due to Jake's constant lying and Aren's need of Thomas being out, some kind of grace helped us. We were able to keep Jake split from Thomas, and start picking most of them off from that point. Then, having only Marco and Sim, I assured them that Aren would be on our side and will help us vote Thomas out. I know Marco was down. And initially me and Sim did not want to, but he tried to turn on me so after we voted him out, that put us on the right side of the numbers again. Marco wasn't much of my idea, it was more of Sim so can't really comment there. I wasn't sure if I could truly trust Blake or Kaeden in the f5. Reward was everything. Mastermind gave me the clues I needed to finally figured out the code and retrieved the idol! As much as I really wanted to take Aren to the end, I felt he had a strong case against me in FTC. Flipping on Thomas and voting him out was one prime example of this. And the fact that he was socially good with pretty much everyone would've been much harder to fight against him so between him and Blake, me and Sim agreed Aren should be the vote. Kaeden came to me asking who I was voting so he could vote with me, as everyone was being confusing about who they wanted to vote and such. I told him, and I honestly kind of expected him to tell Aren and a 50/50 on whether he'd vote with me/Sim or Aren/Blake. Then Sim told me he might be the vote. I found a few things wrong with this. 1) Why would Sim be the vote when he hasn't been a threat up till that point to anyone, and that I've been a bigger problem to people in the game than him? And 2) Why would he think he'd suddenly be the target when no one's been after him since...whenever? I felt something was very fishy about it, and I already decided I would use the idol. The question is, on who? I decided to play it on myself to be safe, and low and behold, I got votes. Enough for me to go? No, thank the gods, but it was so close. If everyone voted me or if one person turned, either way I would've been safe that tribal. Blake after this was livid that I had escaped being voted out every round(Without any kind of immunity remind you), and had the social to keep me in. He started to be rude to me, and say he didn't understand why I'm still in when I'm the biggest threat in. I wanted Kaedan out last so I could have a much easier case to build with just Blake and Sim, but since Kaeden won immunity, and I wasn't going to vote Sim, Blake's words came to bite him and we voted him out.

    If anything about this is confusing, or is WAAAY too long I apologize. If you have any questions for me please ask me and I can try to answer them better.

    Kaeden and Sim, the final three, with all Sermersuaq members. Couldn't ask for anything less. Sim, thanks for being there for me from start to finish <33. Best of luck guys!

    BTW I never played a "Follow the leader" role, I played and rebelled against it constantly. I stuck to my TRUSTWORTHY alliance, and at least I had the votes on my side every round without having a non-existent social ;) just because my team agreed on votes and didn't try to force votes on each other, doesn't mean I followed anybody. I'm not saying I was a leader, but I definitely wasn't a follower either. xoxo

    With much love, - Malik.

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    • Also, I would like to apologize for my behaviors during the end of pre merge - end, because there were definitely awful moments, uncalled things being said, but at the end of the day who doesn't get heated in games like this? Not excusing my behavior, but that's something I wished didn't come out. Believe it or not, I was extremely bitchy and it wasn't called for. So hopefully we can move past that and start anew.

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