• God

    We are gathered here today, to celebrate one of God's greatest creations! Survivor! Although Survivor: Greenland has ended, my faith in God has increased more and I shall never sin again! I bid congratulations to you three on making it to this point!

    Thou shall keep this snatching civil,

    Brother Sim!

    Sim, the one who did not sin! I bid you congratulations, God is really happy with you. Although you in others eyes have not played a winning game. You did not sin and therefore thou has a really great shot at getting my vote. I respect everything about you and how you told me the truth, because the lord knows I am a clean soul and I respect others with clean souls! You have a lot to prove tonight, but don't worry, in Gods hands we can overcome anything!

    Brother Kaeden!

    Oh brother Kaeden, I was not hurt by your sin filled move. But you sinned. You cursed a lot and you lied to me! When I said thou shall not win immunity, I did not want to rid you of Gods creation of being in this game. I simply wanted to make it easier to get rid of Marco. I had no intentions of getting rid of you, in fact as a brother of mine, I wanted you to get far with me and even make it to thou end because I knew Satan would overcome Aren at some point. So therefor you are wrong my friend!

    But, brother Kaeden, as God is my witness you have the game in your palms. Sometimes the Devil does win but I know deep down you have faith, so I have hopes that when you win the million you do not sin with it and in fact you do great things with it. Good luck my friend, and I hope you find God once again!

    Brother Malik

    Malik, you committed a ton of foolish acts. Let's look at these deeply, because God is very ashamed of giving you the gift of life.

    1) Thou said that he took me out

    Brother Malik, you stated that you committed the horrible act of "taking me out". When in fact, you did not beat me, Kaeden beat me. It was in Kaedens hands and he took me out! So please Malik, clean your soul, and gather your faith because you do need it!

    2) Thou said that I voted you

    Brother Malik, you stated the blatant lie which is a sin! That I voted for you the gathering of the masses when I went home. You must be fucking bli--- Sorry father I have cursed with my foul mouth, please forgive me. You must be blind, brother Malik! As I voted Marco! Thou awareness is truly lacking

    3) Thou has no social game

    Brother Malik, thou explained that thou has social game, that thou shall not piss anyone off. Well brother Malik, you have most of the jury pissed off, and God have mercy on your soul for what they will do to you tonight. I'm sure God will forgive them! I tell you time after time "Ya know brother Malik, you have the emotions of a Kardashian!" Thou said "I will work on it Father Saxby" But whenever you play, thou sucks!

    4) Okay I don't have a fourth, but thou should know that if you get a vote tonight, it will not be because God willed it, it will be because the filthy athiest Tara voted for you, a fellow Athiest! You have sinned way too much, and I will keep you in prayers and hope that one day you will be better aware of thouself.

    5) Wait Father Saxby does have another.

    Thou makes fun of Eddie for trying to get with Aras, when you are a full blown adult and you try to get into young brother Arens pants (seriously dude he is just a child). That is one of the biggest sins of all, and for that God will strike down with all his fury and forgive everyone after me for the acts they commit against you tonight!

    To wrap this up, as a man of God, which means with my honest words. Kaeden if I shall not vote for you tonight it's not because I do not like you it is because I shall see the day where Sim finishes ahead of Malik!

    You all may now commence in reacting to my verses! Good luck to you all and have a very blessed road ahead.
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    • Your bitterness shows.

      1) Did I say I took you out? Oh, that's because I keep thinking Aren voted you out, though he admitted to me he actually didn't. I keep forgetting Kaeden voted with us and not Aren so that's my mistake.

      2) You voting Tara and then turning on Jake made it harder to believe you, especially when your own alliance member comes and tells me you want to vote me out. At that point, I didn't know what to believe from you anymore ☺️ So yea watch YOUR actions.

      3) I was just playing the game. I find it cute when anyone pisses the jury off they are cheered on and called a great player, but if it's me not benefitting your game bitter mcbitter, I have a terrible game. Clearly mine was much better to keep me in over you since you were so shady no one knew what to do with you and how aggressive you were.

      4) How can I believe what you say is true? You see what you want to believe, and other people could want to vote me too. You can't control jury like you tried the merge including the name.

      5) Boy you tried it LMAO SO HARD SO SO HARD πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ idk where you get that from but that's a negative. Aren's been a close friend of mine since BB7/Viti Levu and were always been close and uplift each other. Stay mad I guess? Hah.

      Just please get your facts right next time and don't be so bitter. Maybe if you didn't play messy, I wouldn't have doubted you. I never wanted you out until I heard you were throwing my name and I saved myself. Sorry we couldn't do FTC like we wanted(or probs just me), but you never kept your end to things like you said.. 😁

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    • ME when Aren told us you were flirting with him! but okay!!

      And no one's bitter, you're just completely unaware of anything that ever goes on!Β 

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    • Never happened, son. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

      And clearly you were if you ended up on the jury! Yea I did feel regret when the vote came out and I saw you actually did not vote me, but I wasn't taking chances. Sorry bro I didn't mean to hurt you like that. I saw your status and it made me feel worse. You've been so against me it's not even funny dude. You failed to help me as you promised, so I don't want to hear it.

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    • You didn't hurt me, and I made no such status about this game, and you probably mistook it. I was 0% bitter to be out, matter of fact I was really happy to be out. I was pretty aware I was being voted out because I knew by Sims tone when he was talking to me. But okay Malik, unaware of yourself again.Β 

      May God have mercy on your soul!Β 

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    • "I can never win an ORG -tear"

      Oh what's that then? That's what I thought.

      And stop your failed attempts at being iconic, no one cares lol

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    • LMAO greetings brother Thomas, thank you for your holy words. Β 

      I'm glad there's at least one person I didn't upset! I realize that god's gracious jury sees Kaeden as the obvious winner, but I believe there's more to Survivor than winning immunity. You're someone I saw myself working with before the game even began, and I was so excited when we merged, however the way the game went never allowed us toΒ :(( You definitely deserved better.

      As for the rest of the jury, in the name of God, I have randomized a bible verse and that will be my last plea.

      "Proverbs 15:26, The thoughts of the wicked are an abomination to the Lord, but gracious words are pure."

      I think God randomized this specific verse for me because in a jury of often wicked words, we forget, that gracious words go a longer way, and I endorse this as well.

      God bless Survivor Greenland, Amen.Β 

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    • Thank you brother SimΒ :) God has a nice place for you!

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