• Hello hello! So first off this was a fun season mostly, so thanks to the hosts for making this happen.

    Sim - I honestly did trust you Sim at the start, and I thought we coulda made it work. It's not really either of our faults, or its both, but I wont put the sole blame on you. However, I did feel like once we weren't working together you made no effort at all to even talk to me, and most the time when we were talking in the beginning, it was usually me who started most of those convos. Pile that on with your inactivity, and you dont make a great case for you to win. It's not really you being a bad player, its just that another player was better. I do hope you manage to get 2nd place though, because I wouldn't say you deserve to be tied with TBA.

    Malik - Malik, I like you as a person, we knew each other long before this started, so I was really excited to play with you. However, as time went on, you say in your speech I was the liar? Hold up bitch, the lies started when you said you couldn't trust me enough to say you voted Jared, even though I voted him too. THat's really what made me not trust you first of all. But then fast forward to after the Nick vote, I try talking to you, and I really didn't feel like I came off as rude or anything in that convo, and you pushed both me and Kaeden away even farther, ruined any chance of Introvert strong and basically you were the reason Tara went in that ep. But even forgetting that, what got me was how you treated Nick, a JURY MEMBER, right after he was voted off. It was just so, bad socially of you to do, and it honestly made you look like a Michaela wannabe this season, it really did. Then at final 8, when I was telling the truth again that we'd work with you, you not only didnt vote with us, YOU DIDNT VOTE PERIOD. It seemed to me like you were just indecisive in the moment, not willing to make a move. And yet as I told you the truth evidenced by my vote for Thomas that round, you were the one who lied to me, not the other way around. You acted cocky, you rubbed salt in peoples wounds for no reason, and you were delusional as hell gamewise, and it showed. You didn't make any moves on your own with the exception of finding the idol (with EVERY idol clue left), you mainly just followed Alex/Marco, then when Marco left you finally decided it was the right time to work with Kaeden at final 5. Your game made absolutely no sense at all, it was filled with unwarranted pride, blantant mistakes, and a sense that you really didn't even WANT to win, but you were mainly just roleplaying and trying to be "iconic" or remembered. As I said before, I love you as a person Malik, and I hope this game doesnt change that like we promised, but I CAN NOT and WILL NOT be voting for you, it'd be a misplaced achievement.

    Kaeden - well congrats Kaeden you've (probably) won this, there's really nothing else to add to that, other than just remember when you didnt wanna play this and I got you anyway, and now you're here at the Final 3, exceeding expectations of virtually everyone. You should be proud of that, and congrats on getting my vote. 

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    • Jake you are seriously the MOST delusional person EVER. You've been stuck up Kaedens ass so much, you make any excuse to feel Kaeden was the only one of us three to play a game, which was never the case. You're just salty I didn't trust you enough to get in my head. First of all, we talked about that. Yea I lied about voting Jared but you voted him and didn't even tell me until a few hours before the results, which started my suspicions, remember? And Kaeden rarely talked to me at all, how do you expect me to trust someone you and nick talk to a lot but not me? Thirdly again delusional, Nick came at me once he realized he flipped, and I defended myself. Felt bad afterwards, but I still felt I needed to defend myself. And no I didn't note Vote because I was scared to make a move. I didn't because I went out that night at a party, drank came and slept through the deadline. Meanwhile I kept asking Marco before hand what he wanted to do and he never gave a clear answer. My vote would've been to vote you off jsyk. I never followed Marco or Alex. Alex was someone I already knew I could trust, why would I get rid of someone I know I can trust what sence does that fucking make?! Marco me and him grew a connection and I never followed him. The five of us(Me, Sim, Marco, Tara and Alex) all each gave our opinions and talked our ideas on what we thought should be the vote. From there we'd come to a common ground and vote that way. The only reason you're even saying that is because I refused to bow down to whatever you wanted and you're so pissed it didn't go your way because I wanted to align with who I wanted and vote however I wanted, end of fucking story. And clearly you don't read. Me and Sim were already talking about voting Aren, and Kaeden came to MY pms long after I told him I would not speak to him anymore to ask, basically begging to know who I'm voting for, and I told him Aren, and I can legit screenshot that motherfucking proof too if you really want to go there. I made my own decisions, and even if I couldn't I made it in group efforts. No one over everyone else, it was a group decision. Please learn a thing or two and don't be salty k? Thanks.

      And I never felt I was being cocky, the only time I was remotely cocky that I know of was during Nick leaving. YOU on the other hand with the alex vote you got very cocky because you played an idol on Nick and you thought you were golden for merge, when it didn't work out. So sorry, so sad. I've wanted this win, more than anyone because I have YET to win anything and I tried working my DAMNED ASS OFF to try to get here the best I could and I achieved it by not being a dumbass and not letting anyone blindside me or try to make me vote how they wanted. Sorry you picked the losing team and can't see someone who tried over someone who wouldn't have survived without their physical strength, because their social lacked. Thanks for the kind words and I'm out.

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    • Clearly I'm not that delusional seeing as how I'm not the only juror to think this.

      My vote was never 100% confirmed for kaeden, I would have absouletly considered voting say Aren, Thomas or Marco if they had been at FTC, kaeden here or not. 

      "Sorry you picked the losing team"

      You're right, I did pick the losing team. Because of that, I get to choose the winning player, and it won't be you.

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    • Well I am terrible at explaining myself, big deal. It's why I said if anyone has questions say it so I can explain what I'm saying better. And please don't give that bullshit, the way you did you speech was already 0% chance that I wasn't getting your vote, and that also means you don't have to hear from me again, because this is our final conversation.

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    • There was a 0% chance of me voting for you because you put in 0% effort into your game, and also because you're really gonna throw away a friend over a game. If you're really gonna do that, get personal thing in the mix, you weren't a friend anyway. My argument on your social game not being great just got proven correct by this demonstration. 

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    • I put ALL of my effort into this game. I spent TONS of time that could've been spent with friends and family just to play THIS GAME, along with 4 other orgs I have to worry about, plus 3+ I have to fucking host. I have so much on my plate, but people forget that shit. If I was so unaware, it's because I can never focus my attention on one single thing when I have like 7 other things to worry about. Get in my shoes before you judge. And clearly your social wasn't great if you're out soo.

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    • Hey Jake! I trusted you too I really did, but once I started talking to other people I realized what was really going on and it just made the entire situation more complicated than it needed to be, and that sucked. 

      It does go both ways, but I want to apologize, because I feel like it ruined what would've been a great alliance, and I regret that we never got the chance to really work together because you're a great guy! 

      However, aftewards I may have avoided you because I didn't want to lie to you. My hands were pretty tied, and with idols floating around giving you information was risky, and came with a price. Perhaps I should've given you the benefit of the doubt, but since we were never in a place to split the vote, I felt like I didn't have the liberty of trying to communicate to you what was going on. However you were always my fav minority rebel xd

      Yeah, I suppose I've been counted out of it by the majority of you, but I've still tried to put my heart and soul into these answers because this does mean a lot to me, even if everyone else wants to narrate my game/my decisions for me lol. Thanks for the speech tho, it was kinder than you had to be, and I appreciate it, hope we can talk soon outside of a game that can often be cruel and divisive. See you soon Mr. Grant Gustin <3

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