• Hihi. I'll try not to make this too long since this vote will probably be straightforward, but yeah. Thanks to the hosts for casting me and everyone else who played for making this fun. But anyways!

    Sim: There is little chance you get my vote tonight just by virtue of the fact that we never really even talked. I do not fault you at all for voting for me or if you don't like me because of my hinkie vote round 1. I respect your UTR game, you just needed more of a social game to back it up so you didn't just appear inactive. But like, come on man. We played 9 rounds together (20 days), yet you never even approached me for a conversation, let alone one about gameplay. But anyways, I thought your speech was pretty good. There is a 1% chance you get my vote depending on how other people do, so good luck. No hard feelings.

    Kaeden: There is a very good chance you get my vote tonight. You played very well across the board (physically, strategically, socially) and never really made any errors. I also appreciated your loyalty and thought it was loyal since you could've just left me for dead. We only kind of knew each other before the game, but you proved yourself to be a cool cat and a trustworthy ally. 

    Malik: You know, if you just voted me off, said your peace, wrote a decent jury speech and ROP there would be a chance that'd I would vote for you. I'm not even going to focus on your creepy obsession with finding some ORGmance (with people of varying ages *cough cough*), but just your game and how I percieved it. It was a mess. As proven with your ROP and jury speech, you have NO awareness of how you were seen by the jury and other players. I'll just give some examples :) 

    1. "Nick, you were trying to force me to vote for Alex and Sim

    wut. I was ALWAYS against voting for Alex. I NEVER told you to do that. And I would not have. Alex was a friend and ally in this game, and the only reason I voted for him once was because that was Kaeden's choice, not mine since I had a burden to him because of the idol play.

    2. "force me" "dictate my vote"

    When did I ever force you to do anything? I consider myself a fairly easy going person. If you think I forced you to do anything, your perception is (again) very off base with reality.

    3. "all I have to say is look where you are and look where I am"

    GREAT JURY MANAGEMENT. I rate 10/10. Are you even trying to win?

    4. "Jared would've been too invested in the game with his emotions"

    Hunny, this describes you to a tee. You are the queen of playing with your emotions (the only place you are a queen). I think you probably would have brought Aren to the end just because you thirsted over him so much if the situation was a little different, despite the fact that he would've cloberred you at the end. 

    5. "My physical I feel was okay"

    Nope, you were worthless in the competitons and provided ZERO resistence to Kaeden's immunity run. He's gonna win since you couldn't muster up one win to win immunity and vote him out. 

    6. "I feel if anything my "strategical" was what I used most in the game"

    First of all, that is not a word. Second, it definitely wasn't. You would've positioned yourself much better so you wouldn't be in a final 5 with 2 comp beats if you were such a "strategical" powerhouse. 

    In addition, your obsession with being an "icon" or "queen Michaela" is a joke. When I was voted off, you were for some reason wanting to make me less wanting to vote for you with jokingly bad comparisons with one of the best female physical players of all time? Not much similarity there! 

    Lastly, you finish off everything with hearts and just fakeness. Dude, it's a game. If you had just been straight with me and not extra as fuck about everything you'd have a chance at getting my vote. There's a reason somebody I talked to with once has a better chance at getting my vote than you.

    Bye bye everybody. Don't screw this up Kaeden. If you do, I'll happily vote for Sim. Good luck to the both of you.

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    • First of all. You seriously expect me to like you disrespect me in that chat, say all those things including that I'm a terrible Survivor player, and think I'm going to sit there and take it? You have me confused for someone else.

      Yes you did try to get me to vote out Alex, now you're lying. When I refused to vote for Sim, you started saying how we vote Alex, and I agreed, because if it was stuck between those two I did not want Sim to go home.

      You're supposed to be my friend or atleast you pretended to be my close friend just to shit on me and whatever of a floppy speech I have. I've had an awful day, having a lot of thoughts, can barely think..fucking sue me. And again do not start with me. Me and said person have been close since I've been here. This game brought us back together and we talked pretty much every day, because I talk to him you wanna make jokes? But you couldn't get with miss Banana over there talking about me? Ok then Roberts.

      And no I'm not trying to be iconic, the gif and shit I've done I have done in the past couple of games. I just think it's funny most of the time. I wasn't even going to do it until you said what you said to me, so it was a get back, really. Yea no hun, if I send a heart or anything it's because I mean that. Never a fake heart. Are you trying to be a professional juror know what I'm not gonna go there because it'll start a lot of stuff so. Word of advice don't come off aggressive because that's how you came off to me about how we need to vote this person and the reasons why when I was uncomfortable with it. Physical isn't strategical, Aren exposed himself by telling me reasons he'd be great in the FTC so I felt he might need to go beforehand. And again don't ever attack me and not expect me to attack you back you hypocrite.

      I just wrote how I felt. I was actually hoping that we could talk after game about everything and smooth it over, but forget it. Just another bitter and stay pressed about not getting Hannah xoxo

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    • Hey Nick! I respect that you're most likely voting for Kaeden, so I won't bother you too much. 

      First of all, it was never personal. I do like you! I think you're a great guy and I wish we could've worked together, even tho I killed you in the hunger games xd. Anyways, your vote round 1 did turn me off. You really came out of nowhere thinking I had an idol and that I had to go. It caught me off guard, but that didn't mean I was after you. It was just easier to vote you out later on. In terms of conversation, I could've done better, but that could also go two ways :p

      Anyways thanks for giving me a chance (somewhat), you're a great guy and I promise that targeting you was only due to the fact that we were always pinned against each other, and I feel like that was more your fault than mine, but that's just how the game goes sometimes. 

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