• Congrats, you three, on making it this far. It’s funny that at the end of the day, in spite of us introverts being incredibly dysfunctional, we did end up with a final 3 that was introvert-strong.

    Kaeden, I’ll start with you. Out of all the players in the game when I was voted out, you were the one who had me fooled the best. Blake and Sim avoided me the whole day, Aren and Malik were being kinda fake, but you really sold the act to me and I commend you on that, I did not think you were voting for me at all. I think you’re probably the Mike Holloway of the season in that you had no solid allies for a good period of time and managed to win challenge after challenge to get to the end and I just want to know how in the hell you managed to do it. Granted, I think your only real competition in challenges would’ve been Aren had he not abstained a couple times but even at the Final 4 you somehow got a perfect score with the final immunity challenge.

    My task for you is I want you to explain how you managed to guess all 7 of those quotes. I want detailed explanations for how you connected each person to each of the quotes, because I have no clue how you did it and I honestly can barely see anything connecting some of the quotes to whoever it was that said them. You either got really lucky or you saw some magic pattern or connection in the quotes that I must’ve missed.

    Malik, you next. Out of the three of you I think I know your game the best because we were solid allies for a long period of time. I really am grateful that you wanted to play with me even before this since BB, whether that was a lie or not (I can never fully believe anything anyone says in the game haha but I’m hoping you were telling the truth) that was honestly the moment that made me want to play with you and go far together. And yes I’m saying all of this right now to apologize because I’m going to start saying bad things soon. :P Though to be fair, I’ll probably be less severe on your game than the others.

    I’m not going to pile the hate on you like everyone else because I don’t think you’re a bad person but I have to admit I don’t think you played a good game. I think that one of your biggest flaws is that you don’t have a good read on people.

    At our very first tribal you were supposed to be the target and I had actually been on board with voting you off, and it was Nick who stood up for you and convinced us not to vote you out, and yet two tribals later you were voting Nick out and fighting with him as he went to the jury. Then there’s the Jake vote. Honestly, Jake really did want to vote out Thomas, or at least target one of the Extroverts. And you were on board with that plan, until I lied to you that Jake was just trying to trick us in the case of an idol, and you bought it completely. You didn’t even question why Jake and Kaeden had voted for Blake instead of one of us. At the Thomas vote, the moment the others spread the lie that you were the Extroverts’ target you were paranoid the whole day that they were voting for you even when I told you their real target was going to be me.

    For me it’s kind of hard to pinpoint a main big move or strategic decision that you put together yourself. Because I think the only reason you and Sim survived the Tribal Councils after I left was because Kaeden saw the Extroverts as bigger threats, because knowing the enmity between you and Kaeden there’s no way he’d save you for any other reason other than wanting to beat you at the end. Other than that, all our other votes like Jared and Nick were group decisions, and you didn’t really put things together to get Jake or Thomas out. So I want you to tell me what big moves you were making behind the scenes, because I was ‘on stage’ with you for a long time and I didn’t really see it.

    One more thing that’s been bugging me. You said that I threw your and Sim’s names out to save myself and that’s why you voted against me. But I never did that. Not only have I never once said you or Sim’s names, I wanted both of you with me in the Final 3. So...where’d you get that source of information?

    Sim, I didn’t really have anything to say about you much because even though we were aligned we barely talked. But thank you for the kind words in your RoP, I really do appreciate it.

    But just like with Malik, I’m going to apologize first because I don’t have much nice things to say :p I’ve faced an unimpressed jury many times before and I’m well aware of the sting. But I hope you don’t take it too personally, it’s just the game and I’m going to be honest. The first thing I want to know is why. you. kept. abstaining. If I took a shot everytime you didn’t submit I’d be dead right now. And you could do well in challenges when you wanted to, like, you’ve been pretty close for a couple of them but it’s really not a good look for you to be asking us to give you a vote for the win when you’ve not competed in half the challenges this season. Even if it was your strategy or you were genuinely busy, it would’ve taken very little time to load up whatever game you had to play and play it for a few minutes, get a crap score, and submit that to at least show that you had something.

    Moving on to your speech, there’s a lot that doesn’t really make sense to me. You said your biggest strength is awareness, but other than the Tara example what other moments in the game can you say you were aware? Because even on the Tara vote, everyone knew she was going home.

    My biggest confusion with control is that you said you were actively making big decisions on who should go home. Can you explain what kind of big decisions you made? You said you either consented to big moves or proposed them yourself. ‘Consenting’ to big moves isn’t really a big bullet point on your resume :p I mean, at the end of the day, everyone ‘consents’ to a move. And what big moves did you propose? You claim that my blindside was your move. Can you explain how that was your move, specifically? Did you rally everyone behind my back to vote me out, or were they already thinking of it like Kaeden said, and you consented? :p

    When talking about connections you said that you talked to the Extroverts but I don’t really see how this is a point to make because it’s not like Malik and Kaeden didn’t talk to the Extroverts either. And if you want to make the argument that your relationship with the Extroverts led to them making moves with you, that same argument can be applied to Malik because I don’t believe the two of you have ever voted differently this whole season.

    In your point about Outlasting, you said that ultimately the goal is to get to the end. Shouldn’t the ultimate goal be to WIN? Three people can get to the end, but only one can win. Getting to the end honestly isn’t that hard. All one has to do is act as inactive as possible and that’s probably a free ticket to the end because people think they can beat you. :p the people who win are usually the ones who get to the end but didn’t sit around doing nothing but was instead trying to build a resume that made them a threat and risked getting voted out before reaching the end. I’m sorry but I’ll need something more concrete to convince me that you did build that resume that would make me want to vote for you.

    As for your description of the season, you basically said Nick, Jake, Aren and Blake were all standard votes, you failed to save Tara and you hesitantly agreed to Thomas. None of those are big moves on your part. It was just you agreeing to votes or in Tara’s case, not achieving your goal. And if getting me out was your one big move, I’ll need more evidence to prove that you were the one who put that vote together because you would’ve been the last person I’d’ve credited for that move.

    My last task is for all three of you to rank the jury members from best to worst in terms of gameplay. I hope you take the time to answer these questions and we can keep this civil. Good luck to all three of you

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    • Thank you so much Marco! Finally someone who isn't on attack mode.

      Firstly YES I WAS SERIOUS I did want to work with you since I saw you from BB. I was so excited when we connected and started taking alot more than whatever we did at first.

      I always knew my name was thrown, but this is legit the very first time I heard that Nick was apparently the one who fought for me to stay. Idk if I can believe that as he kept it secret from me so I doubt it until proven sorry. It legit took me until now at FTC to see how bad my sights were. I believed what too many people said to me, I let them tell lies and have me distrust what other people said to me, when they were really being honest. To where I doubted everyone going into the merge: Nick, Jake, Thomas, and you.

      If you wanted to work with me, why lie to me knowing how I was acting already? If I believed it it's because I couldn't put anything past Jake anymore at that point because it seemed so hard to believe the guy then. But again, I let people cloud my head with false information so I fault myself for that :/

      Because I was trying to agree as a group like we were always doing. You also remember that time I got upset with you because I felt you were pushing a vote on me when I felt my opinion wasn't mattering to yours. I felt like I was being seen as less than and not equal, which I was not ok with. Kaeden might've wanted Aren out, but he never spoke it to me until after I thought about wanting Aren out and talking it over with Sim. Following with Kaeden asking me who I wanted to vote and I said Aren. I didn't know if he would even do it so I used my idol because I was paranoid Peter.

      See that's the funny thing because I wanted to believe you wanted to f3 with us, but yes that source was from Aren/Blake (it was from either extro I remember, probably Aren because I didn't think he'd lie about it) and I was surprised. Sim was already saying he did not trust you and thought you'd be a huge threat at the FTC. And it took convincing for me to see what he saw. So hearing that rumor made it easier to vote you when I really shouldn't have.

      If I may ask, can I do the last task tomorrow. Kind of late here and I might sleep soon.

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    • Sure take your time

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    • Thanks for the questions Marco.

      For the final immunity challenge it really came down to a lot of guessing, but common sense played a part as well.

      Quote 1: "No Ty, Cancer is Contagious" 

      I was 100% certain this was Tara due to the grammar, the content of it, the punctuation; there was just no way that was written by anybody else.


      The only 3 people I can recall joking around with Liam like this throughout the season are Blake, Aren and Malik. Malik and Blake were not jurors at the time so that made the choice easy.

      Quote 3: "This is where we start the ACTUAL game." 

      I remembered Jake saying this several times throughout the game, even with the capitalized "ACTUAL" there, so it was a no-brainer.

      Quote 4: "I can't loseeeee I CAN'T LOSE"  

      Much like the Tara quote, this one was also very clear to me. It was very similar to Thomas' way of typing when he joked around or was nervous throughout the season, and also related to how I believed he strongly felt in this game at multiple different points in the game.

      Quote 5: "you getting PTSD flashbacks?"

      For this one I honestly cannot say I found out by studying it, in fact it was a completely wild guess. I figured it was you or Jake who said it so I seriously just guessed from there. There was really nothing else to it.

      Quote 6: "I cant STANT IT ANYMORE." 

      Exact same case as the last Thomas quote. It had the same punctuation and similar content, and honestly I feel like it's probably right from the same confessional. It's another that just required common sense.

      Quote 7: "I'm always high, fucker." 

      I was this close from just writing that it was Thomas then submitting my list, but the only reason I didn't was because he already had 2 quotes and I doubted he would have a third. So I figured "It's Jake or Aren", as I couldn't picture anybody else saying it, and then went with my gut from there.

      Now for the ranking of the jurors by gameplay:

      7. Tara - I am ranking Tara this low because I didn't see a lot of strategic or physical ability coming from her, and her social was really only average. She made everyone on the bottom feel very uneasy and made it apparent when she was lying, which led to the introvert minority learning about the 5 person alliance in the first place, and that caused her closest ally Alex to get the boot. After that I can't really say there was a lot of gameplay coming from Tara.

      6. Nick - Literally the only reason I have him this low is because the majority alliance didn't give him a chance to display his ability to play this game. If I was ranking the jurors based off of other ORGs too, or just by overall players I would have him much higher, but in this season he was not given any room to play and that's what I have to base this list off of.

      5. Jake - His strategy this season was to play very aggressively, and that would either make people love him or hate him; there was no middle ground. Unfortunately it ended up being the latter and that forced him to play from the bottom for his entire time in the season. 

      4. Blake - In game he was overshadowed by his allies (being Aren and Thomas), and that made people underestimate him. However I now realize that his strategy was most likely "Use them as shields to advance". And to be honest if that was his strategy, it worked, because it almost got him to FTC with a chance to pull in several votes. For those reasons, along with the fact that he made it through that messy extrovert tribe, I have him at #4.

      3. Thomas - I felt like Thomas played a very MvGX Zeke-like game; and I don't mean that in a bad way either. He came into the merge leading a strong alliance and became a main character by being on the correct side of the votes, and was honestly who I would consider the "Narrator" during the early merge portion. However the fact that people knew he was in charge of the Extrovert 3 led to him being a target, and that was his only real fatal mistake in this game. Also as I mentioned with Blake, Thomas made it through the messy extrovert tribe, and that probably was not easy.

      2. Marco - I believe that you played the second best game of any juror. You were more UTR and weren't a major character until after Alex was idoled out. After his elimination, you took the reins and guided your alliance to the merge, and became a huge triple threat player (social, strategic and physical). When the merge hit, you were the original target rather than Tara, but you won immunity when you had to. Despite not winning challenges after that, you used your social game to advance until there wasn't enough room for non-immune threats to play.

      1. Aren - I think that Aren had the best gameplay of any juror. First off, as I mentioned with the other 2 Extroverts, he made it through the messy pre-merge portion. That alone deserves recognition. After that it came down to his social game. I truly believe that he had the best social game out of anyone this season, and it showed when everybody left in the game always had amazing things to say about him, and they never really wanted him out either; in fact they trusted him a whole lot. He made people like him but also avoided being seen as a threat for it, which isn't an easy thing to pull off. I can say with 100% certainty that Aren would've won this game had he made it to the end, whereas with any other juror, they either would not have won at all or it would've been a tossup.

      Hopefully that answers all of the questions you had for me, and once again thanks Marco.

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    • Thanks for the answers!

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    • As for the final question, here's my list:

      7 - Tara: I love you girl, but I don't think you had what it took to get to FTC. I mean, you were a great ally and everything, but all you did during the merge is freak out about the tribal council. What I'm basically saying is I couldn't get much of a hint of your strategical game. And it seems like whoever wasn't in our alliance wasn't comfortable with you at all. Sad because you were amazing, and I hope I see you in more games!

      6 - Blake: You're only this low because mainly we weren't close enough to where I could see any type of strategy you had, no offense. You were firm with the Extrovert three, and gaining a few allies along with it. But, I feel you didn't go to talk to anyone outside of that, as you felt you didn't need it, or didn't try as hard. Maybe it was just with me, or maybe I'm misreading, but I feel once you had that majority, you just didn't really worry about working with others until you started to lose majority.

      5 - Nick: We didn't give you a chance to play. After that first failed vote, I felt it was over. I feel you can be unpredictable sometimes. I felt you did have a chance with the alliance you made, and making cores and such. the only thing that messed that it was pretty much me trying to save Sim, when I didn't know how much danger I was in. I think maybe if you were more careful about how you said it and approached an idea when it came to votes and such, things could've went much better for you. And also, if some people didn't want you out immediately because of -cough-Dillon-cough-.

      4 - Jake: Boy oh boy this one. jk. Your game was good. You went from majority, to minority, back to majority, then out. You had a main core, and also had a good chance of getting to the end. I don't know exactly what you really told people, but the big thing going around was that you were a liar, throwing different names and such, and basically the word was making you look extremely messy. I felt if more people put trust in you, instead of feeding into those rumors(me for one), that you could've very well be in the FTC. I think you did a good job.

      3 - Thomas: You lead the charge of the Extrovert Trio, and I bet you even controlled your tribe. However, I heard you were very aggressive in how you played while were in the merge. Trying to guilt someone saying you won't be their friend/talk to them anymore if they didn't vote this person or that one, etc. I felt if you did better and not do the intimidation/threats(if you actually did), you could've eased people into doing something that would've benefit you to the point that you could've possibly made it to the finale, and even by some luck the FTC, which you could've had a strong case against Kaeden. But no one is perfect so.

      2 - Aren: You almost always knew to be on the right side of votes, how most people felt, and even let every person get voted out before you without being pissed at you. However, you kinda played follow Master Thomas for a huge portion of the game, and then make things up and say how you want him gone, and how he makes you do this with threats, and basically you try and deframe people's characters so people can be angry with them. Which is a good thing to do for your game, but it's not cool because it can effect their relationship outside the game after. Maybe you wanted to make it believable and cover your tracks, but I felt you could've still played without doing that. You would've undeniably been a force in the FTC. No one pissed with you, great social, basically. 

      1 - Marco: Oh buddy! I personally feel you would've ran that FTC. You were an amazing UTR threat, when you name was mentioned you could always escape being voted out, and it seemed like you had connections with pretty much everyone on the tribe. You did spaz out sometimes and get a bit paranoid, but I felt your strategic was A1. You would usually give good points on who should be voted out and why, and communicate in a way to not freak people out. Plus everyone was scared thinking you were an FTC threat, or that you were going to flip and such. Bascially you were sometimes unpredictable. I think if you got to FTC, you would've won. and I'm legit not saying that because this is your speech, me and a couple of people thought you would've won if you stayed till the FTC.

      Hope I gave good answers! And thanks for giving me a chance :D

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    • Hey Marco! It's okay, I understand that you may feel unimpressed with my preformance, but I feel like you've also counted me out, but lemme try and provide you a decent response. 

      Abstaining, the first time I took a penalty I believe I was at an exam, but ya the entirety of April was exam season for me, and I despise calculus so I had to put a lot of time into that, and when I'm absolute shit at flash games + Kaeden was on his neverending win streak, I saw it best to often avoid the penalty. If that ruins my shots of winning then that's fine, because I did have to focus my attention towards my IRL grades for a while and I have to value that more for the time being. 

      And I'm gonna throw this question back at you, when was I clueless? I always knew what was going on in the game, and I'm sure you can say the same for a lot of it, because we were aligned for a majority of the game, but even then Malik/Kaeden were never 100% on top of what was going on all the time. That is a strength in the game that I will stand by, if you care to question me about it further. 

      Control! I'm not saying I ran this game, I don't think a game can single-handedly be run by one person, but by control I mean it more lightly. What happened during your vote was that it was originally going to be Aren or Blake, since Kaeden was immune, however I was personally convincing Malik that it would be a better idea to take you out. I will take credit for convincing Malik because he was leaning towards taking out Aren/Blake instead, and I also saw it as a plus when Kaeden approached me afterwards, and I saw it as a good wy to gain his trust moving forward. 

      Connections - the thing is, Thomas agreed to work with me. The reason I was aware of the Tara vote is because I made him be honest with me, and I agreed to work with him moving forward with his alliance + me/Malik, and I was being genuine at the time. This was an actual alliance, because although I didn't get to work with Thomas exactly, I worked with Aren/Blake enough to say that it benefited me the most to have those connections as opposed to it benefiting anyone else here. 

      Outlasting! That's not what I said at all, I believe I did state that it takes more than just to get to the end, and I'm sorry if you considered me a goat, but I think you're overlooking what I did behind the scenes, or at least out of your prespective of the game.

      About the votes, Nick and Jake were standard votes. They were simply in the minority, and it made sense for them to go. Aren/Blake weren't exactly standard, but more situational, and were also good timing for them to go at that time. I did try to save Tara, and yeah, I didn't want Thomas to go, but ultimately it was a good move too. Getting you out was one of my big moves, but I didn't play this game for big moves, I did it to get to the end in the most efficient way possible. I'm sorry that after the rise of Russell Hantz all people want to do is celebrate big moves, and if Kaeden's immunity streak counts as a big move, on top of the fact that he's a better liar, but that's that.

      After this speech it just seems like we have different prespectives on how this game turned out, and how it's meant to be played. I feel like you're being a bit harsh just to show the other jurors how undeserving you think I am, and I suppose you have the liberty to do that, but I will try to answer any follow up questions you have honestly, however I can't force you to change what you already think you know. Thanks, and good luck on your decision! 

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