• Hello, boys!

    So, yeah, I'm gonna put this simply. I don't have a question for any of you guys tonight, because my vote is decided and I'm convinced that it won't be swayed. I've been reading your answers to the Jury speeches and I've decided who I want to vote for. Sorry.

    First of all, I'm going to address Sim! Sim, you're a really nice guy. I didn't personally find that you had a particularly active social-game, however, and as soon as the merge started I heard from pretty much every OG introvert that you barely spoke pre-merge? However, you were really nice in the few convos we had. I'd totally be down to talk again sometime! :)

    Second, Kaeden! We've been friends for over a year now, and damn, you're a fucking cool dude. Keep it real, bro, and remember: don't spend too much of the prize-money on drugs. You'll regret it.

    Last of all, Malik! You're a good friend of mine, but I feel like we were always just kind of playing each other in this game. :P it's pretty amusing in hindsight.

    Alrighty, good luck to all of you guys! It's been a BLAST! And thanks to Liam, Adrian, Linus & Johnny for hosting <3 xoxoxo bye!!

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    • Hey Aren <3

      Thank you omg, you're so sweet so voting you out was heartbreaking, and I really hope to talk to you again outside of a game context because I enjoyed talking to you as well =]

      I see that your vote is decided and I'll respect that, otherwise thanks for the kind words!

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