• Hey guys! Linussucc here! I'd just like to thank the hosting team for being such great co-hosts!! I woudlntve been able to do this without you!

    Thank you to the cast for a wonderful and then a bit meh game!

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    Hey sim! You were a sweetheart. didnt do anything but you were still a sweetheart. I knew you werent active and after Alex left I felt like i was surounded by snakes and liars and had no one to confide in. So i decided to confide in you as my confessional that could comfort me because you werent active so wouldnt gain from leaking what i said to you. You did great as my angel ty ❤


    Malik. I thought you played pretty decent. premerge. But apparently you should never be considered as someone worthy of a win and you were messy and horiffic late merge. I dont see it but its everyone against just me so what can I do.


    Kaeden. I didn't trust you at all. Every time i talked with you game you either parroted Jake or you lied and were fake and untrustworthy. I didn't hate you because of you voting me out. I hated you for being so fake. I didnt vote with you becuase i didn't trust you. You werent someone i coudl confide in or tell anything to because i didn't know how deep your fakness went.


    Now to the questions! These are very importan ones and if you do not answer em you won't get my vote!

    here are the general questions!

    1) Tell me why Linus (me) is an amazing person! at least 3 lines!

    2) give me a meme. best win will score one (1) point towards possibility of getting my vote.

    3) What colour should i dye my hair next and why.

    Individual questions:

    Sim: Why is Alex an amazing person?

    Malik: Why is Thomas rude? I want a genuine answer. not cause he was born that way. try to give me genuine reasons on why you think he acts the way he does.

    Kaeden: Why should I have won this season?

    Thank you for answer my questions! I have not decided my vote yet. I was bribed to vote one way but I'm Linus so screw you.

    Thanks and GL ~ imma go ride my cowboy horse into the sunset now

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    • Thanks for the questions Tara.

      1) Linus is an amazing person because from the instant he wakes up to the nanosecond before he sleeps, he is memeing. He is the admin on hundreds of meme boards and meme aggregators that allow him to meme at maximum efficiency. There is not a second that goes by without him thinking about memes and dank original content. His dad used to tell him that memes are the fundamental base of human life, and he takes that real frackin' seriously. He is a dang meme machine who lives, breaths and bleeds memes.

      2) FB IMG 1493359728646

      I am choosing this meme because it's dankness totally caught me off guard when I first saw it, and it is rare that an event like that happens; because I am always ready for a dank meme.

      3) White, because white is the color of our Lord and Savior, the Baby of Bethlehem, Jesus H Christ.

      I believe that you should've won this season because your alliance was stacked full of goats who would never have gotten votes over you (aside from Marco who the others would've betrayed at the final 4), and you knew this was the case. I mean, had your 4 stayed in the game past the final 9 tribal council, that probably actually would've happened. So in short I am going to say your self-awareness and the fact that you knew what the perception of your allies was at all times was why you should've won; because those traits are extremely rare in a Survivor player, especially when it's happening online.

      Hopefully that answered your questions (especially the meme ones, because those are very important) and thanks again.

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    • 1. Linus is amazing because he can use his moves on people and is able to win with tricking them with his sexyness. He can meme it up like no one's business. And, he can be one of the best distractions ever.

      2. (Mainly a jab towards a certain juror if he wants to keep running his mouth) ;)

      3. Dark or light purple. I think it'd really look amazing with your manga, and it doesn't hurt to try unnatural colors.

      Malik: Because not only is he a bitch, but because he is trying super hard to look cool and iconic for his friends/whatever fans he think he has, and think he's an amazing troll. And I refuse to entertain him and his flip flopping and his mess of flopping, so hope the answers it.

      Thanks for the questions, and I'm glad I could answer them <3

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