• I have the results!

    Before I move on, I'd like to thank the judges to decide today's immunity winner.

    Ally from Survivor: Jamaica

    Aras, who hasn't played Canadienne Survivor yet.

    And David, who also hasn't played Canadienne Survivor yet.


    Applications for Sicily are now open Aras and David, take time to fill it out now!

    Anyway! The scores for this challenge are: 80/90, 78/90, 57/90 and 32/90.


    Winning immunity with 80 points is....



    Congratulations Llampoc. You 4 are safe from tribal council tonight.

    Coming in second with 78 points...



    Congratulations Aigua. You 4 are safe from tribal council once again.

    Incindio and Tierra. One of you wins immunity with 57 points, and the other will be visiting tribal council with me tonight.

    That tribe securing the final immunity idol is...



    Congratulations Incindio. You have secured yourselves a spot another few days in this game.



    Tierra. Sorry you 4, alongside Alana will be attending tribal council tonight, and where you will have the unfortunate event of voting for someone to be the second person voted out of Survivor: Majorca.

    Grab your stuff and I'll see you tonight.

    Below is how the scoring was broken down.

    Flag scores
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