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    Now bringing in the members of the jury....Mikala, Aromal, Nicolai, Milke, Alana, Dwayne and Nadine, voted out during the last tribal council.





    Before we get to the vote, I have some questions for all of you to answer.

    Anthony, You now have a spot in the final THREE. How important is this vote even thought you're immune?

    Ayhan, only 3 people are vulnerable this tribal, do you think the vote is up for grabs on who's going, or is it pretty obvious?

    Emily, do you think everyone will be going after the biggest threats this tribal or is loyalty still a factor?

    Tyler, we're now on the verge of Final Tribal Council, is there anything you can do now to get the jury more on your side?

    We ask that you all use the parchment below to submit your votes, and have them sent over to your host's chat no later than 11:05 PM EST on the 19th of September to avoid a self-vote.


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    • Honestly, its so important to me that I won this immunity, because I don't know where the votes would have been if someone else would have won immunity, and I'm glad that I was able to take this immunity.

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