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    Now bringing in the members of the jury....Mikala, Aromal, Nicolai, Milke, Alana, Dwayne and Nadine, voted out during the last tribal council.





    Before we get to the vote, I have some questions for all of you to answer.

    Tyler & Emily, you both know that you will not be casting any votes tonight, but what have your pitches to Anthony have been like just a mere 24 hours before the Final Tribal Council?

    Anthony, how does winning the final immunity in Majorca feel, and what has been your process in deciding between Emily and Tyler on who to take with you, and who to send over to the jury?

    Anthony, we ask that you use the parchment below to submit your vote, and have it sent over to your host's chat no later than 2:05 PM EST on the 26th of September.


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