• Introduction

    Hey everyone! I’m so excited to be here in the final two. I’d like to give some acknowledgements before I begin talking about my game. First I’d like to thank Drew, Conor, Emma, and Brian for hosting the season, we’ve had a very fun time in Majorca. I know how hard it is to host an ORG, and it’s a thankless job at times, so thank you. Second, I’d like to congratulate Tyler for making it to the final two alongside me, and I wish him luck in the jury questioning. Third, I’d like to thank anyone who supported me in the viewing lounge and anyone who watched the season in general. Finally, I’d like to thank the jury for reading this speech and taking the time to deliberate over the finalists. I’ve been in your position before for deciding a winner and I understand it can be a trying process. Now I’d like to move on and begin talking about my game.

    Llampoc 1.0

    When the game started, I was placed onto a tribe with Nadine, Aromal, Michael, and Kristen. As most of you know I already knew Nadine from before the game due to us both being from EpicMafia. I had also played an ORG with Michael before. I began trying to get to know Aromal and Kristen due to the fact that I had never played with either of them and the fact that I knew that due to there being 4 tribes, there was a chance that we wouldn’t go to tribal council before we swapped, and I didn’t want to overplay early and create a majority alliance or take any control to make myself a target of someone in the minority, however I still wanted to be important enough to not be the person cut if we lost tribal. I got closer to Aromal, and Nadine and I chatted like we always did, and Michael was at the Crypt both times so I didn’t get to talk to him as much. Kristen, however, didn’t respond to me after I messaged her multiple times, and she did the same to everyone on the tribe, so she would have very likely been the first person voted out if we did go to tribal, and if we were unlucky enough that we did go to tribal again, Michael would have been the next person voted out. However, we did not lose any immunities until swap.

    Llampoc 2.0

    When the swap results came out, I was disappointed to say the least, as the only person from Llampoc 1.0 who had swapped with me was Kristen, and she hadn’t said a word to me all of the time at Llampoc 1.0, so I was at a disadvantage at the swap due to having nobody that I could stick to with myself. I immediately started making efforts to make connections, specifically with Mikala, Emily, Nicolai, and Keaton, while throwing Kristen under the bus with her inactivity to make sure that despite this situation I was put in where everyone else had someone that they had experience with pre-swap, I wouldn’t be the first person voted out while I tried to make more social connections. I also knew that to prove my worth to the tribe, I needed to show that I wasn’t a total flop in challenges, so I contributed to the tribe by scoring a lot of points in Trivia Drop, helping us win immunity. I also had noticed that up to that point, the tribes were choosing whomever put up the highest score in reward to go to the Crypt, and I figured that would be the continuing strategy, so I put up the highest score I could, but just my luck, Kristen was sent instead. When we lost our first immunity challenge, I capitalized on my seeds that I planted to make sure Kristen went out at the vote instead of anyone else, to a) help strengthen the tribe as she didn’t do anything and b) show that I wasn’t 100% loyal to Llampoc simply because they were my original tribe to leave options open in case anything went south with Nadine and Aromal. Next, we had the double tribal, and I didn’t want to make myself out to be too much of a threat as well as the fact that I felt secure in my allies, so I threw the individual immunity challenge. At this tribal I sat back and got info from my allies and found out that Sean was the name that was mostly being thrown around. I didn't mind this too much, so I decided to just vote in the majority and let it happen, and Sean went home.

    Incendio 2.0

    When we swapped again, I once again found myself on a tribe with people I didn’t know that well, however this time I had Nicolai, Emily, and Aromal that I knew from previous tribes, so once again I got to work socializing and working on making connections. I got to know Whitney somewhat, but didn’t become incredibly close to her on the tribe, but I knew I had her as a valuable ally if necessary. When the first immunity came for the tribe, I decided that it was better to throw to lower my threat level, but not throw enough that it was obvious. I knew I had Aromal as a valuable ally, and I had connections with others that I knew I could rely on to make sure that if we DID lose immunity, I wouldn’t be on the chopping block.

    Joint Tribal

    This was a major turning point in the game for me. Nadine, Aromal, and I grouped up and made an alliance titled “Stallions” where we discussed everything that was going on in the game, and I found out that Nadine was on the bottom of Tierra 2.0. This tribal was especially crazy, with the vote shifting all the time due to items potentially found at the Crypt. Eventually, the vote was between Aromal and Ci’ere. I had to make a decision here, as people that I was close with were on both sides of the vote (Emily and Mikala were voting with Ci’ere and Nadine, Nicolai, and Aromal were on the other side). I could have flipped at this point and worked with Mikala, Emily, and others when merge came, and voted out Aromal, and backstabbing people I knew would stay close to me, or stick with Nadine and Aromal and vote out Ci’ere. Ci’ere had talked to me and nearly got me to flip to him, however I decided that I could stick with Nadine and Aromal and stick it out with them.

    Meanwhile, Whitney had been pushing for a Milke vote all of the tribal. I knew that it was going to tie 6-6-1 if she voted Milke, and most people had given up on her being reasonable and taken a side. Seeing an opportunity to strengthen the numbers on my side, I approached Whitney and convinced her to not vote Milke and instead vote Ci’ere, not knowing that Aromal had an idol that he was going to play. Regardless of whether or not he had used the idol, I would have just pulled in the vote necessary to ensure majority.

    After this tribal, I stepped back and took perspective of my game. I knew that I was in a game with some incredibly strong players, and I was relatively inexperienced, and because I never had the chance to go to the Crypt, I had no idea what was stored in the Crypt, and how many items would be in the game. Because of this, I had to assume that everyone else had an item and that I had to venture out into the unknown. So what I decided was that I needed to hide at the bottom of the game, and minimizing my threat level as much as possible to help minimize the chances that I wasn’t the victim of an advantage used against me. I also needed to secure myself some allies that I knew weren’t going to be playing the middle, and instead would be able to protect me and shield me and take all the heat. From my decisions made in the last tribal, this obviously led to Aromal and Nadine. I knew that Nadine wouldn’t turn on me unless absolutely necessary, and that her and Aromal were a duo that wouldn’t turn on each other. So with that in mind, this set the tone for the rest of my game.

    Final 12

    At the joint tribal, we found out that Tierra was planning on throwing to vote out one of Ayhan or Nadine, and with how I had planned to go forward in the game, I knew I couldn’t let Nadine get voted out. So Aromal and I made a group with Dwayne to throw the challenge, and when the puzzle challenge tied, I volunteered IMMEDIATELY to go to the tiebreaker, for two reasons.

    a) Only myself or Emily could go to the tiebreaker due to the rules of the tiebreaker, and Nadine and Ayhan could go for their tribe.

    b) If I went, I could ensure that we lost the challenge, and that Nadine would still be around for me to hide behind at merge.

    When I got added to the tiebreaker chat, I asked the hosts if I could discuss things with Nadine in the tiebreaker chat so that we could coordinate a less obvious throw, and they obliged, and I made my score close to hers, but not an extraordinarily low score so that I didn’t put a target on my back even though we lost. This tribal, I let Dwayne and Aromal handle what was going on so I could avoid taking too much control and making a target of myself. I was told to throw a vote onto Whitney to avoid anything blowing up in our faces if an idol was played, and I obliged. Alana then played her idol, Emily's white pearl came into effect, and my vote sent Whitney home.


    At merge, I put into action my plan of hiding behind Nadine and Aromal as shields to avoid being a target, as well as minimizing my threat level as much as possible. The merge vote, I continued with my plan of putting myself at the bottom to avoid any advantages being played on myself, and when Dwayne flipped on the alliance, we switched the vote target from Alana to Mikala due to her self vote and Nicolai used his double vote to vote her out. I was somewhat sad to see Mikala go, but everyone needs to be voted out at some point and it was her turn to go.

    Final 10

    Once again, I looked to Nadine and Aromal to take any heat off of me, and when Aromal lost immunity, we voted for Milke as he asked to be voted out, however, Ayhan flipped to vote out Aromal, and we were put into a minority spot. At this point, I became worried that I might be in danger, with one of my two people that I could trust the most being voted out, which was a very valid concern. However, I knew that I needed to appear unthreatening in order to not be one of the first people picked off.

    Final 9

    With this immunity challenge, which was Touchy Subjects, I knew that I didn’t have a chance to win the challenge, and I expected someone else to win it, so I essentially threw it, with one caveat, of naming myself in the touchy subjects guessing for “biggest goat”. I did this to show that I knew exactly what I was doing with my gameplay, making myself less of a threat to make it to the end. At the final 9, Nadine, Nicolai, and I figured that we could make a deal with Milke to agree to vote him out at the final 8 if he flipped to vote out Dwayne, and he agreed to the deal. However, Ayhan did not flip back, and Nicolai was voted out 5-4.

    Final 8

    Frustrated with the fact that they weren’t going to be voted out soon, Milke decided to intentionally strike out. I do understand that I was being targeted that tribal, and I knew this before the votes were in, however, I also knew that Milke was striking out, so it didn’t matter whether any votes were coming my way or not. At this time, Nadine hinted to me that she had a good item from the Crypt that might be useful as long as I won immunity and we got votes onto her.


    At this point in the game, I took another step back and evaluated what I needed to do to get to the end and have a chance at winning the game. I recognized that if it was a Final 3, I needed to bring Emily and Tyler to the end to have any shot at winning, and if it was a final 2, this same group would be helpful to myself winning because I knew that I had a good shot at beating both of them in the final immunity challenge. I wanted to wait to see how the rest of the game played out before deciding who I wanted to bring to the final 2.

    Final 7

    At the final 7, understanding that I was no longer flying under the radar, and that Alana was a huge threat who needed to be voted out soon due to challenge ability and how strong their game was, I stopped throwing immunity challenges, and won the immunity challenge. I then implied to Nadine, who in general is much stronger at convincing people to flip than I am, that Alana would be the best person to vote out, who in turn got Emily and Ayhan to flip back to vote out Alana.

    Final 6

    I won immunity again, so I wasn’t too worried about myself this tribal. This vote was where I put in the plan to vote out Nadine at final 5. I did this for two reasons. First, I knew that there was no chance I would beat her in the end, as I knew that I would be perceived as her personal goat, and I would likely be swept. Secondly, I figured that at this point in the game, that only one of myself or Nadine was going to be allowed make the end due to the fact that we were perceived as an unbreakable duo. I didn’t make a move against her earlier due to the fact that I would have been much more vulnerable in the game without Nadine, and I knew that if I tried voting her out, she would whip out her idol and my blindside would fail. I also knew that I would be exposing myself as a potential target and a threat to be taken out if I made such a big move against Nadine. I knew she planned on making a move with her super idol, and I heavily pushed her to vote Dwayne, telling her that his game was much stronger and that Ayhan would be much more likely to vote with us at Final 5. She considered pinning it on Ayhan due to the fact he had been to the Crypt a few times and hadn’t played any items yet, and trying to get Emily to flip at 5. However, that wasn’t what was good for me. My true motives were that I knew that Ayhan was a strong challenge competitor, and that 5th place was either going to Nadine or myself, and it would only be myself if Nadine won immunity. I also knew that I would have to win final 4 immunity if I wanted to prevent Ayhan from making the end. It was a gamble, but I felt it was a gamble worth taking. We ended up voting Dwayne, Nadine played her super idol, and Dwayne went home.

    Final 5

    For this tribal, like I stated before, I knew that unless Nadine won immunity, Nadine was very likely going home. After Ayhan won the reward challenge, I decided to throw the immunity challenge, because I knew it was likely that Ayhan would take home the win. As stated, Ayhan won immunity. I then went to Emily and Tyler and talked to them about how necessary it was to beat Ayhan in final 4 immunity, which may have been superfluous, but it was to imply to them that they had majority to vote out Nadine, and that Ayhan wouldn’t be a worry to flip. Ayhan’s idol enforced Nadine going out, which was a fatal mistake for him, as there was no longer a bigger jury threat than him left in the game, with two immunity challenges left to win.

    Final 4

    All I needed to do here was win immunity and vote out Ayhan, and I did it. Mission accomplished. I had gotten to the final 3 that I knew I needed to have any chance of winning at Final 8, and I was the only major challenge threat left in the game.

    Final 3

    I won final immunity, and I had to make a decision. I thought long and hard about the decision. I felt I could beat either of the other two, however, I still needed to pick what person I believed I stood a better shot against in the final two. At the start, I was already heavily leaning Tyler, but I wanted to hear from both of the other two their reasoning for why I should take them to the end, and see if there was any new revelations that might come about. Emily, on one hand, had backstabbed Alana and her flipping on Alana eventually caused Dwayne to go home at final 6 due to Nadine’s idol not being played at final 7. She also drew the ire of some people on the jury while they were still in due to the cross tribaling at the final 12. However, on the other hand, she played the middle well and was someone who had connected with a lot of the jury. Tyler, on the other hand, was safe for most of the game, and clearly portrayed himself as someone to bring to the end. However, his own allies complained about his activity, and from talking to him, he didn’t really get along with some of his allies. He also got two strikes in the game to support his inactivity. I weighed both options carefully, and I decided that I stood a better chance of winning against Tyler, and nothing groundbreaking came from my conversations with both of them, so I decided to bring Tyler to the final 2.


    In conclusion, I think you should vote for me because, when faced with any scenario, I made the correct strategic decision, and mapped out my future far more than I might be credited for. I had two main allies that I hid behind, and I minimized my threat level intentionally to fly under the radar while everyone else was targeting other people due to never having the opportunity to visit the Crypt of Secrets, as well as throwing challenges when necessary and then breaking out my challenge ability at the right time when it was absolutely needed. I also identified the final three that I wanted to go to the end with, and influenced my allies to keep them in, and ensure that I would be able to have the opportunity to take whichever of the two to the final two. I was effective enough at minimizing my threat level that I received no votes against me the whole game, despite being in the minority for multiple tribal councils. I look forward to your questions, and I thank you for reading my speech!

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