• What a wild ride, this season. Congrats to both of you for outlasting all of us. Tbh I highkey don't even have much to say, so I'll just get straight to the questions.

    1. Both of you said in your speeches that you always made sure you were non-threatening and not targeted. You essentially let your allies do the work for the most part, and you never played agressively. What I'd like to know is what do you deem your most impactful strategic decision in this game? I'm not talking about your best move, but rather the one that left the biggest mark on the season.

    2. What do you consider your biggest mistake in this season?

    3. (s/o to mr. Dwayne) Describe each juror, your fellow finalist and yourself with a single adjective and, if you want, explain why.

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    • Hey Nicolai!

      Alright so getting right to your question(s)!

      1. My most impactful strategic decision. This is a good question actually... Well let me first start off by commenting on something you mentioned in your speech. You mentioned that I let my allies do most of the work for me and that I didn’t have to play aggressively. And you’re right, I most often wasn’t an offensive player in this game because my most impactful strategic decision that I made in this game was that I knowingly went out of my way to hide behind people that I could use as my “meat shields” (if you will lol). I made the decision early on that I was going to attach myself to the more aggressor players so that when shit goes left, my meat shield ends up being the victim and I’m ready to turn right before anyone goes after me next. I aligned myself with people like ci’ere, Mikala, Alana, and dwayne who were all very much more openly strategically commanding. I played my part in the sense that no I wasn’t going to just be told what to do and how to vote. I was never a push over in this alliances. But I was always able to make myself appear like I was weaker and that I didn’t have any control, when in all actuality I would always insert my opinions and objections into the mix but I would always make it seem as if I had nothing to do with it and that people are just telling me what to do. But really when a move was made I was just as guilty for it, but the blame was always put on someone else so I could just sneak on by.

      2. I’d say my biggest mistake in the season was my judgment of time. I had so many real life issues going on around me that I lost track of time twice and completely forgot about a challenge and almost got eliminated. It was never because I didn’t care though... Also I would honestly say I wish I took more time to get to know you because I’ve only heard nice things about you, but that’s my bad for not stepping up sooner.

      3. Mikala - Sassy (never shady lol)

      4. Aromal - Brainy

      5. Nicolai - genuine

      6. Milke - Wild Card

      7. Alana - Hilarious

      8. Dwayne - FUN

      9. Nadine - Spunky

      10. Ayhan - Heroic

      11. Emily - Super Mom

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    • Hi Nicolai!

      My most impactful strategic decision was setting up Nadine to get rid of Dwayne. It in turn affected the whole rest of the game as I believe that up to that point, Dwayne had a very legitimate shot at making final 3, if not final 2, because I don’t see Emily and Tyler turning on him until the end, and if . I also believe that Nadine has a better chance of making the end at this point as she can hold her own in challenges, and whoever of us lost final 5 immunity was going home, which likely would have been me because I know how good Nadine is at challenges when she isn’t throwing. After that I can’t tell you what would have happened.

      I believe my biggest mistake this season was not connecting with enough of the jury, as well as giving off the wrong vibe to other people such as Mikala and Dwayne, making them think I didn’t like them. This may cause me to lose the game in my opinion, but I believe that I played the stronger game strategically and physically, and if I would have had a somewhat stronger connection with some of the jurors, I believe I would be in a much better position right now.

      Describing each juror with an adjective

      Mikala: savage

      Aromal: wise

      Nicolai: jaded

      Milke: silent

      Alana: strong

      Dwayne: thoughtful

      Nadine: passionate

      Ayhan: cunning

      Emily: understanding

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