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Day 9

I'm sitting out this challenge, I did the most in the bunny thing (besides Tara but shes sitting too). I have a gut feeling we're gonna switch after this, I just know it, and as long as it's even then it'll be 5-2 one tribe 4-3 on other (or 4-3 on both if we lose this challenge), and while that sounds all peachy its not, Alex told me he wants to flip on the introverts, and that'll depend on the person most likely, if it's Jared or even Tara he wants out I'm fine with that, but some others nah. But I have actually an I guess "alliance" with every person on the tribe, so I'll be sitting pretty for a while. :)

–Jake R

What a surprise, Hannah survives another round even despite abstaining and being inactive. Gah, it frustrates me so much because I've seen her do this so many times, in Siem Reap, in Malawi and so on (Liam, you getting PTSD flashbacks?) It's like luck just favors her. Right now I want to stay #IntrovertsStrong as long as possible. I think it'd be amazing to have us all make the merge. I love the Introverts vs Extroverts twist and I'd love for us to take them down.


No tribals equals nothing much to say. I guess I'll say how I feel about players.

Ill go from the ones who I want to work with the most, or who I think I could work with wether I liked them or not, to those who I don't think I can work with. Long term.

Alex Vivor: So far he is my number 1. I talked with him a lot and it was easy to talk to him. and fun. The topics we talked about I was passionate about. Well I'm passionate about a lot of things but. Still! I feel like hed win over me at the end if I wanted to potentially get to final 2 with him. He has more presence than I do. And I feel like he is the type of person people would assume did a lot no matter if they did or not. So IF I wanted to be loyal to him until the end I would have to be super liked by all. And somehow darkside Alex. Idk how to do this. Ill try learning. Haha.

Jake: We talked quite a bit. Idk if our bond is strong though. its decent. Idk how I feel about him tbh. He seems open to work with me. lets see how long thisll last.

Marco: Seems super open. A bit closer to my timezone than the others so I hope this will make him closer to me than others. but I havent talked with him enough. I haven't been able to start a full conversation with him. So idk if he feels the same about me.

Kaeden: His interactions with me seem super forced. Well... the socilising with me part doesn't but when he says chessy lines like: "you seem pretty cool so honestly would you like to align?" i mean. it doesnt seem forced...just cheesy. Like a line he would say to everyone. Not just me. rather than forced, Id say genuine. however. when we talked about history and when we complained about the time extention we were able to really get into it. it was more genuine. So there is something there maybe.

Sim: SIm is never on. But he seems kind. and open to work with me. and BECAUSE he is never on is the no 1 reason why i possibly wanna make it to later game with him. ALthough i feel lik he'd pick up his game if he sees the end is near. But I have more weight pre-merge than he does...mybe....unless he is only inactive to me? idk. haha.

Nick: At first I liked him and wanted to work with him. But he seemed super closed off. I mean we talked a lot. but then it always died. there was a solid moment when he didn't answer a questions like chit chat q until i asked a new one. I feel like he is wary of my 'newbie' status. asking me how i know linus, commenting on how he was curious about how i look like. i feel like he is super sus of me. and thats stopping him from opening up to me.

Jarred: Inactive. Mopy. Doesnt seem to care.

Malike: I think he doesnt like me. He hasn't read my mssg in 3 days. sure its just "Agreed haha" but still!! and wtf was that in the main chat?! like. the instructions were obvious. you had a list. It was like he purposfully tried to see fault in something I did. It might be just overreading things. But i think he is disdanefule towards me and doesn't really want to work with me.

thats all folks for now. this took me 5 hours to finish. haha.


Well :) we lose again. it's the 3rd . honestly, i have the 6 alliance but i dont want to go with them forever. The game need to be shaked up. I have tried to talk with Sam to make a move. I said hello to him 2 times, but he didnt answer me anything. Just seen :).Why? Well, i think he shouldnt apply to this season. So i have no choice, i have to vote him . Bye bye ! I hate the player who is not a player.

Now, Thomas and Aren are controlling the tribe, i think so. They can talk with Blake and Hannah, Dillon easilier than me, because i had the different timezone with them. Hannah is a busy girl, she seem dont care the game. Dillon and Blake are shady, i think they are my question. I need to talk more with them to know what they think. They hide everything, and play under the radar, this style will be very dangerous in the tribe. They can flip easily. Thomas told me that it's me, him, Aren, Blake. We can vote Dillon when we lose, well :) So i'm a goat? Honestly, i think Hannah and Dillon will be a bigger threat than Aren and Blake in the merge, guys .!!!!


Day 10

This is our first time at Tribal. I honestly have no clue what is going to happen. I'm scared and I'm about to pee myself, honestly. Also you BETTER use "I'm scared and I'm about to pee myself" for the episode title or I will be SO FURIOUS. That's all. :)


Since we found out we're going to tribal, Jake seems like he's been scrambling to find out what the plan should be and making alliances including me to figure out the vote. I don't like that, it makes me feel like he's trying to gain control in this game, and I feel like I may need to check him. I'm not sure this would be the right time, but at some point I may just go ahead and have him voted out soon.


We finally won...thank you Alex for also failing to do the challenge, otherwise Hannah would have fucked us over again. You know I REALLY want Hannah gone next time. I tried to talk to her the other day and she was like "No data can't talk sorry." Like...that's annoying. She has no time for this game at all she doesn't even CARE because she thinks she's gonna be carried to the merge without having to do anything.


So for tonight it comes down to either Alex or Jared. Personally, I'd rather have Alex stay over Jared because Jared is the only one who doesn't talk to me and I have no relationship with him. But I feel like I could work with Alex. However, my alliance of Kaeden Nick and Jake pretty much is set on Alex going home and I don't think Alex has the numbers. If that's the case, I may have no choice but to vote him out.




Out of the blue Kaeden is now putting together a new plan for me him Nick Tara and Alex to vote out Malik instead to break up Malik and Jake because they're all of a sudden a pair? I don't know how true that is but it sounds like it'd be an epic blindside and I love it. I wanted to keep Alex anyway, I think he's the type who'd be a good ally to stick with, whereas Malik, though I do like him a lot, I feel, is likely to have a lot of friends on the other side and I just don't see him staying loyal to me. To send out Malik now would be a huge game changer because as far as I know it was still Alex vs Jared a few hours ago and now that's completely turned on its head. If this works we could solidify a new alliance of the five of us and Alex would be grateful which could make him loyal. Whether we can pull off a big move like this still remains a question.


Tribal is going to be a mess. Kaeden still wants Malik gone, but Nick is pushing to get rid of Alex - and it's really obvious now that he just wants to keep Malik, and I know Nick has connections to Hannah too - and Tara wants Jared gone still. And then there's Sim who still hasn't replied to any of my messages.


I literally don't even know who's going home tonight, I've heard Sim, Malik, Jared, Alex, this vote is all over the place. Nick might be willing to spare Alex and vote off Sim instead, but Tara comes along out of nowhere saying she really wants Sim to stay and Jared to go. This tribe is a MESS. Not going to tribal for nine days probably put everyone in honeymoon mode because it's complete insanity. And honestly, for someone who claims to be playing her first game, while she does have the bright-eyed bushy-tailed enthusiasm of a first-timer, Tara does seem to know a lot about campaigning and making her pitch known, almost like she's done it before...


Nick is pissing me the hell off. Where does he get off wanting to suddenly vote out Sim? Like gtfoh and if I can stop the damn vote against him, I will because this game is the first chance we can start of on a clear state and work together, but Nick and Jake want it their way. I don't even want to work with them anymore, I legit want to make a counter alliance against them. I'll see if I can change it to Alex or Jared and keep Sim, but careful to not do too much or I'm fucked.


I don't have fucking time to play Name Roulette, I don't have time for mixing up 100 strategies in 5 hours. Get one set and shut the fuck up. I'm not going for constant switching like stop making my head hurt lol